How International Warranty Works in Pakistan:

Lack of proper pre-sale guideline in terms of services from a supplier can result in misguidance for customers: this is why the IT industry in Pakistan is infamous for its after-sales service. at-ReBoot we consider the customer’s awareness as our responsibility.

Since beginning the IT industry of Pakistan has faced a big gap in the supply and demand due to which manufacturers are unable to arrange 100% availability for their products locally. To meet this gap, vendors / supplier import products from different regions around the globe based on availability, targeted price and specifications. In common scenario products are sold multiple times before arriving to Pakistan from different regions which is why original invoice with confirmation of remaining warranty period is always missing and local vendors are unable to claim the warranty without the original invoice. This is why “International Warranty” has no meaning in Pakistan.

Apart from having international warranty if customer wants to fix their device that they purchased from at-ReBoot, we are still here to assist you in arrangement and in that case customer will only bear the price of part and we will bear service charges.


Middle East Region:

We accept warranty claims for products which belong to the Middle East region. Customer will only be charged for the shipping cost (which varies from product to product). Warranty claims have a duration of 15 to 45 days.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check the region of the product from our sales team at the time of purchase to avoid disputes.


Apple Products:

at-ReBoot, we are offering a wide range of apple products and we are providing hassle-free after-sales support for all! So at-ReBoot will claim the warranty for any Apple product you can purchase from us.


How local warranty works in Pakistan:

Pakistan has a fast growing IT industry and the demand for devices is increasing by the day. Here are a few distributors that have taken the responsibility for arrangements and are working hard with IT manufacturers for a sustainable supply.

Products that come into the market through those distributors have a local warranty which starts from the date the device is purchased and at-ReBoot customers can avail hassle-free warranty nationwide.

at-ReBoot recommend customers to make sure that they have received the warranty card at the time of delivery. Warranty type will be mentioned on the invoice in case the warranty card is unavailable. To claim the local warranty, the customer must contact the manufacturer’s local service center directly.


30 – Day Repair Warranty:

As we are into repair business as well and offer repair and fixing service for smartphone, tablet and laptops to our customers so we would like to share how our warranty works.

After submission of the device with us, our service team monitors the device behavior and fixes the fault after diagnosis and working standards. In case of facing the same fault after receiving the device from us within 30 days, we are still here to assist our customers with the following options:

1. Resubmit the device and we will fix it again without any extra costs.

2. Customer can claim refund if the same issue occurs again.



However, repair requests will absolutely not be entertained under the following conditions.

1. The defect is due to improper use (improper voltage, exposure to liquid, abuse or misuse etc).
2. The serial number on the product is unknown.
3. The item has been repaired by a third party.