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Day by day innovations and the latest technologies are introduced for the ease of the users in which All in one PC is also a unique innovation. All in one PC is a combination of the components of the desktop computer besides keyboard and mouse. It has fewer cables, a big screen, a sleek design which saves space and the amazing thing is that it takes less power.

All in one PC is user-friendly and beneficial for all people like businessmen, students, teachers, and others who use computers to perform their tasks. All in one PC is free from the tension of using a mouse. It gives big-screen enjoyment with a touchscreen pad.

All in one PC is a precious gift of the latest technology for computer users in the latest sleek design. The interesting thing is that your precious gift is also repairable and you may replace its damaged parts or change its screen if it is not working or you are having trouble in touch sense. is one of the experienced and leading companies working for many years in the field of repairing, replacing, assembling, and installation of different equipment and devices. We have an expert team with the latest tools and technologies which are satisfying our customers effectively.

If you’re experiencing any software or hardware issues on your All in one computer, we’ll fix it quickly and effectively.

If your All in one PC is in a bad state IS A MUST.

Do you require an all-in-one computer repair expert? Our experience in hardware and software dates from 2006, with thousands of computers successfully fixed. If your system is slowing down or is infected with a virus or malware, or sustained accident-related damage, do not worry we’ll fix it.

For laptops or desktop PC, All-in-1 or even custom-built tour technicians have successfully repaired countless devices for our esteemed customers over the years. Every repair comes with our guarantee of satisfaction for our customers.


Cracked Glass? No Image on display? A flickering screen? We can’t do anything about it!


Slow, acting odd or not functioning is it? We have solutions for any Software as well as Virus related problems.


A sluggish, odd sound or clicking is a typical indicator of a failing drive. We can upgrade your drive to the latest technology in solid-state


Have you tripped on the charger, and damaged the port for charging? We can repair the port, the charger, or both and make sure your computer is just as it was before.

ALL IN ONE PC computer is not turning on

Are you seeing a “blue screen of death” or have you noticed no life? Don’t worry, we’ll identify the problem and resolve it.

All-in-One PC Repair Services in Pakistan

In the evolving landscape of computing, All-in-One PCs have emerged as versatile solutions, combining performance and aesthetics. However, when these all-encompassing devices encounter issues, stands as a reliable destination for comprehensive repairs in Pakistan. Let’s explore the diverse range of services offered by, ensuring your All-in-One PC remains a powerhouse of productivity:

All in One PC Battery Replacement

Optimize performance with All-in-One PC battery services. When your PC’s battery shows signs of deterioration or fails to hold a charge, offers efficient battery replacement services. Our experts ensure your All-in-One PC runs smoothly, untethered from constant power sources, providing a truly portable computing experience.

All in One PC Charge Port Repair

Seamless connectivity with charge port repair. If your All-in-One PC struggles to charge or maintain a stable connection, our skilled technicians specialize in charge port repairs. We address issues ranging from loose connections to faulty ports, ensuring your PC charges reliably for uninterrupted use.

All in One PC Glass Replacement

Visual clarity with glass replacement services. A cracked or damaged screen can hinder your All-in-One PC experience. excels in glass replacement, offering precise solutions to restore your PC’s visual clarity. Our technicians ensure that your All-in-One PC display remains pristine, providing an immersive computing experience.

All in One PC Power Supply Issue

Power up with effective power supply issue resolution. When faced with power supply challenges, offers thorough diagnosis and repair services. Whether it’s a faulty power supply unit or issues with the motherboard, our experts ensure your All-in-One PC receives the attention it needs to power up reliably.

All in One PC Water Damage Diagnostic

Combat water damage with expert diagnostics. Water damage can pose a severe threat to electronic devices. At, our technicians specialize in water damage diagnostics for All-in-One PCs. With precision and expertise, we assess the extent of the damage and provide effective solutions to restore your PC’s functionality.
Choosing for All-in-One PC repairs in Pakistan means choosing a partner dedicated to excellence. Our transparent pricing structure reflects our commitment to providing value-driven solutions. We understand the integral role All-in-One PCs play in various settings, from professional workstations to personal entertainment hubs, and our expertise spans the entire spectrum of repair services., our mission is to rejuvenate your All-in-One PC, ensuring it continues to be a hub of productivity and entertainment. Don’t let PC issues disrupt your workflow or leisure—trust for reliable and efficient repairs that empower your All-in-One PC to deliver optimal performance.


Water damage, keyboard and trackpad problems, or issues that aren’t listed in this article? Call us.