Spigen iPhone XS Max Case Neo Hybrid Satin Silver 065CS24840


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  • The Neo Hybrid series focuses primarily on thinness.
  • It is combined with polycarbonate material on TPU material to strengthen the protection and add design.
  • With its special AirCushion technology, it pushes the impact out with its internal structure and air channels at the corners.


Spigen iPhone XS Max Case Neo Hybrid Satin Silver 065CS24840

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The iPhone XS Max is a pinnacle of style and technology, deserving a case that not only offers top-notch protection but also complements its sleek design. The Spigen iPhone XS Max Case Neo Hybrid in Satin Silver strikes the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. we explore the features that make this case a top choice for users who seek a premium and stylish solution for their iPhone XS Max.

Satin Silver Sophistication

The Spigen Neo Hybrid Case in Satin Silver introduces a touch of sophistication to your iPhone XS Max. The satin silver color not only enhances the device’s modern design but also adds a layer of elegance. It’s an ideal choice for users who want a case that seamlessly integrates with their iPhone while making a subtle statement.

Hybrid Construction for Advanced Protection

The Neo Hybrid Case is crafted with a hybrid construction, combining a flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) inner layer with a durable polycarbonate bumper. This fusion of materials provides advanced protection against drops, impacts, and scratches while maintaining a slim and lightweight profile. The case’s form-fitting design hugs the contours of the iPhone XS Max, offering reliable defense without compromising its sleek aesthetics.

Metalized Buttons for a Premium Feel

Spigen pays attention to detail with metalized buttons that provide a premium and tactile feel. The responsive buttons offer easy access to volume controls and the power button, ensuring a seamless user experience. The elevated button design adds a touch of refinement while allowing users to operate their iPhone XS Max with precision.

Slim Profile with Precise Cutouts

Despite its robust construction, the Neo Hybrid Case maintains a slim profile that adds minimal bulk to the iPhone XS Max. The precise cutouts provide easy access to all ports, speakers, and features, ensuring that users can enjoy the full functionality of their device without any hindrance.

Shock-Absorbing Corners and Raised Edges

The case is equipped with Air Cushion Technology in the corners, enhancing its shock-absorbing capabilities and providing extra protection against drops. The raised edges around the screen and camera prevent direct contact with surfaces, reducing the risk of scratches and damage to these crucial areas.

Wireless Charging Compatibility

Designed to be compatible with wireless charging, the Neo Hybrid Case allows users to charge their iPhone XS Max conveniently without the need to remove the case. Embrace the convenience of wireless charging while keeping your device protected in style.

Easy Installation and Removal

The Neo Hybrid Case features a user-friendly design that allows for easy installation and removal. The flexible TPU inner layer ensures a secure fit, providing users with the flexibility to switch cases or go case-free whenever desired.

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