NEC NP30ZL Short Zoom Lens for the NEC PA Series


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  • Compatibility  NEC NP-PA500U  NEC NP-PA500X  NEC NP-PA521U NEC NP-PA550W  NEC NP-PA571W  NEC NP-PA600X  NEC NP-PA621X  NEC NP-PA622U  NEC NP-PA672W  NEC NP-PA722X
    Motorized No
  • Performance
  • Throw Ratio  0.79 to 1.04:1
  • Projection Size 50 to 500″ / 127 to 1270 cm
  • Zoom Ratio 1.3
  • Physical  Weight
  • 2.51 lb / 1.14 kg
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH)  11.45 x 7.55 x 7.4″
  • Package Weight 3.55 lb


NEC NP30ZL Short Zoom Lens for the NEC PA Series

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In the dynamic world of projection technology, versatility and adaptability are key to meeting the diverse needs of modern users. NEC recognizes this demand and introduces the NP30ZL Short Zoom Lens, designed specifically for the NEC PA Series projectors. This innovative lens offers users unmatched flexibility in projection setups, enabling them to achieve optimal image quality and size in various environments and applications. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of the NP30ZL Short Zoom Lens and explore how it enhances the performance of NEC PA Series projectors.

Optimized Projection Distances

The NP30ZL Short Zoom Lens is engineered to deliver exceptional performance across a range of projection distances, making it ideal for both small and large venues. With a short throw ratio, this lens allows users to project large, clear images from close distances, minimizing the need for extensive space between the projector and the screen. Whether in classrooms, boardrooms, or exhibition halls, the NP30ZL ensures that users can achieve the perfect image size and quality, even in challenging environments.

Enhanced Flexibility and Adaptability

One of the standout features of the NP30ZL Short Zoom Lens is its ability to adapt to various projection setups and configurations. With its versatile zoom and focus capabilities, users can easily adjust the projection size and image clarity to suit their specific needs and preferences. Whether projecting onto a small screen or a large surface, the NP30ZL ensures that users have the flexibility to customize their projection setup for optimal viewing experiences.

Seamless Integration 

Designed exclusively for use with NEC PA Series projectors, the NP30ZL Short Zoom Lens offers seamless integration and compatibility, ensuring effortless installation and operation. Users can simply attach the lens to their PA Series projector and adjust the settings to achieve their desired projection size and quality. With its precision engineering and reliable performance, the NP30ZL enhances the capabilities of NEC PA Series projectors, allowing users to unlock new possibilities in their presentations and multimedia content.

Superior Image Quality

Equipped with high-quality optics and advanced lens coatings, the NP30ZL Short Zoom Lens delivers superior image quality with exceptional clarity, sharpness, and color accuracy. Whether projecting text, graphics, or multimedia content, users can expect stunning visuals that captivate audiences and command attention. With its ability to minimize distortion and aberrations, the NP30ZL ensures that every detail is rendered with precision and accuracy, enhancing the overall viewing experience for audiences.


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