MSI Optix MAG342CQR 34 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor


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  • Panel Size 34″ (86.36 cm)
  • Curvature 1500R
  • Panel Type VA
  • Panel Resolution 3440 x 1440 (UWQHD)
  • Pixel Pitch (H x V) 0.23175(H) x 0.23175 (V)
  • Aspect Ratio 21:9
  • Brightness (nits) 300
  • Contrast Ratio 4000:1
  • DCR 100000000:1
  • Signal Frequency 30~160 KHz(H), 60 to 144Hz(V)
  • Refresh Rate 144Hz
  • Response time 1ms(MPRT)
  • TECHNOLOGY Adaptive-Sync
  • 1x DP (1.4)
  • 2x HDMI™ (2.0)
  • Audio ports 1 x Earphone out
  • Viewing Angle 178°(H)/178°(V)
  • Adobe RGB / DCI-P3 / sRGB 94.64% / 92.57% / 118.25%
  • Surface Treatment Anti-glare
  • Display Colors 1.07B(8 bits + FRC)
  • Power Type External Adaptor 19V 3.42A
  • Power Input 19V 3.42A
  • Adjustment (Tilt) -5° ~ 20°
  • Adjustment (Swivel) -30° ~ 30°
  • Adjustment (Pivot) -5° ~ 5°
  • Adjustment (Height) 0 – 90m
  • Kensington Lock Yes
  • Dimension (W x H x D) 810 x 510 x 270 mm / 31.89 x 20.08 x 10.63 inch
  • Carton Dimension (W X H X D) 910 x 485 x 210 mm / 35.83 x 19.09 x 8.27 inch
  • Frameless Design Yes
  • VESA Mounting 75 x 75 mm
  • Weight (NW / GW) 6.91 kg / 9.36 kg


MSI Optix MAG342CQR 34 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

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In the realm of gaming, the monitor serves as the portal to immersive virtual worlds, where every detail counts and every frame matters. Among the array of gaming monitors, the MSI Optix MAG342CQR Curved Gaming Monitor stands tall, offering gamers an expansive and captivating display that enhances their gaming experience. With its curved design, high resolution, and advanced features, the Optix MAG342CQR sets a new standard for gaming monitors, providing users with an unparalleled level of immersion and performance.

MSI Optix 34 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor in Pakistan

Redefining Gaming Excellence

Gaming is not just a pastime—it’s a passion, a journey into boundless realms of imagination and excitement. The MSI Optix MAG342CQR Curved Gaming Monitor is crafted to elevate this experience, offering gamers a window into immersive worlds filled with stunning visuals and captivating gameplay. With its cutting-edge technology and innovative design, the Optix MAG342CQR redefines what gamers can expect from a gaming monitor, setting the stage for unforgettable gaming adventures.

Immersive Curved Design

At the heart of the MSI Optix MAG342CQR lies its curved design, which envelops the viewer in a panoramic field of view. The 34-inch curved display wraps around the user’s vision, creating a more immersive gaming experience that draws them into the heart of the action. This curvature mimics the natural shape of the human eye, reducing distortion and providing a more comfortable viewing experience, whether you’re exploring vast landscapes or engaging in intense firefights.

MSI Optix 34 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor in Pakistan

Stunning Visuals with Ultra-Wide QHD Resolution

The MSI Optix MAG342CQR boasts an ultra-wide QHD (3440 x 1440) resolution, delivering stunning visuals with crisp details and vibrant colors. This higher resolution provides a wider field of view, allowing gamers to see more of the game world and immerse themselves fully in the experience. Whether you’re admiring breathtaking vistas, deciphering intricate details, or spotting enemies in the distance, the Optix MAG342CQR ensures that every scene is rendered with stunning clarity and realism.

Ultra-Smooth Gameplay with High Refresh Rate

Smooth gameplay is essential for a truly immersive gaming experience, and the MSI Optix MAG342CQR delivers with its high refresh rate of 144Hz. This fast refresh rate ensures that motion is displayed smoothly and fluidly, reducing motion blur and ghosting for a more responsive gaming experience. Whether you’re exploring open worlds, engaging in fast-paced battles, or racing through tight corners, the Optix MAG342CQR keeps up with the action, providing a competitive edge to gamers.

MSI Optix 34 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor in Pakistan

Adaptive Sync for Tear-Free Gaming

Screen tearing and stuttering can detract from the gaming experience, causing distractions and reducing immersion. The MSI Optix MAG342CQR features Adaptive Sync technology, which synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with the graphics card’s frame output, effectively eliminating screen tearing and stuttering. This ensures that gameplay remains smooth and tear-free, allowing gamers to stay focused on the action without interruptions.

MSI Optix 34 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor in Pakistan

Enhanced Comfort with Eye Care Technology

Extended gaming sessions can strain the eyes, leading to discomfort and fatigue. The MSI Optix MAG342CQR incorporates Eye Care technology, including a flicker-free display and low blue light emission, to reduce eye strain and provide a more comfortable viewing experience. This allows gamers to enjoy long gaming sessions without experiencing discomfort or fatigue, ensuring that they can stay immersed in the game for hours on end.

MSI Optix 34 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor in Pakistan

Sleek Design and Versatile Connectivity

In addition to its performance and features, the MSI Optix MAG342CQR boasts a sleek and modern design that complements any gaming setup. The slim bezels and minimalist stand contribute to a clean and uncluttered aesthetic, while the monitor’s adjustable height and tilt allow for comfortable viewing angles. Additionally, the Optix MAG342CQR offers versatile connectivity options, including DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB ports, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and peripherals.


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