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  • CPU Support Intel® Core™ 14th/ 13th/ 12th Gen Processors, Intel® Pentium® Gold and Celeron®
  • Processors LGA 1700
  • MEMORY 4x DDR5 UDIMM, Maximum Memory Capacity 256GB
  • Memory Support 7800+(OC)/ 7600(OC)/ 7400(OC)/ 7200(OC)/ 7000(OC)/ 6800(OC)/ 6600(OC)/ 6400(OC)/ 6200(OC)/ 6000(OC)/ 5800(OC)/ 5600(JEDEC)/ 5400(JEDEC)/ 5200(JEDEC)/ 5000(JEDEC)/ 4800(JEDEC) MHz
  • Max. overclocking frequency:
  • 1DPC 1R Max speed up to 7800+ MHz
  •  1DPC 2R Max speed up to 6600+ MHz
  •  2DPC 1R Max speed up to 6400+ MHz
  •  2DPC 2R Max speed up to 5600+ MHz
  • Supports Intel® XMP3.0 OC
  • Supports Dual-Controller Dual-Channel mode
  • Supports non-ECC, un-buffered memory
  • AUDIO Realtek® ALC4080 Codec
  • 7.1-Channel USB High-Performance Audio
  • Supports up to 32-bit/384 kHz playback on the front panel
  • STORAGE 5x M.2
  • M.2_1 Source (From CPU) supports up to PCIe 5.0 x4 , supports 22110/2280/2260 devices
  • M.2_2 Source (From Chipset) supports up to PCIe 4.0 x4 , supports 2280/2260 devices
  • M.2_3 Source (From Chipset) supports up to PCIe 4.0 x4 / SATA mode, supports 2280/2260/2242
  • devices
  • M.2_4 Source (From Chipset) supports up to PCIe 4.0 x4 , supports 2280/2260/2242 devices
  • M.2_5 Source (From Chipset) supports up to PCIe 4.0 x4 , supports 2280/2260 devices
  • 8x SATA 6G
  • *PCI_E1 slot will be Gen5x8 when installing M.2 SSD in the M2_1 slot.
  • * SATA_1 & SATA_2 will be unavailable when installing M.2 SATA SSD in the M2_3 slot.
  • LAN Intel® 2.5Gbps LAN
  • Support HDMI™ 2.1, maximum resolution of 4K 60Hz*
  • 1x DisplayPort
  • Support DP 1.4, the maximum resolution of 8K 60Hz*
  • SLOT 2x PCI-E x16 slot
  • 1x PCI-E x1 slot
  • PCI_E1 Gen PCIe 5.0 supports up to x16 (From CPU)
  • PCI_E2 Gen PCIe 3.0 supports up to x1 (From Chipset)
  • PCI_E3 Gen PCIe 4.0 supports up to x4 (From Chipset)
  • RAID Supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 for SATA storage devices
  • Supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 for M.2 NVMe storage devices
  • * SATA_A1~A2 does not support the RAID function.
  • USB 4x USB 2.0 (Front)
  • 4x USB 5Gbps Type A (Rear)
  • 2x USB 5Gbps Type A (Front)
  • 4x USB 10Gbps Type A (Rear)
  • 1x USB 10Gbps Type C (Rear)
  • 1x USB 10Gbps Type C (Front)
  • 1x USB 20Gbps Type C (Rear)
  • The Wireless module is pre-installed in the M.2 (Key-E) slot
  • Supports MU-MIMO TX/RX, 2.4GHz / 5GHz / 6GHz* (320MHz) up to 5.8Gbps
  • Supports 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac/ ax
  • Supports Bluetooth® 5.4**, MLO, 4KQAM
  •  6GHz band support may depend on every country’s regulations and Wi-Fi 7 will be ready in Windows 11 SV3.
  • INTERNAL IO 1x Power Connector(ATX_PWR)
  • 2x Power Connector(CPU_PWR)
  • 1x CPU Fan
  • 1x Pump Fan
  • 6x System Fan
  • 2x Front Panel (JFP)
  • 1x Chassis Intrusion (JCI)
  • 1x Front Audio (JAUD)
  • 1x TBT connector (JTBT, supports RTD3)
  • 1x Tuning Controller connector(JDASH)
  • 3x Addressable V2 RGB LED connector (JARGB_V2)
  • 1x RGB LED connector(JRGB)
  • 1x TPM pin header(Support TPM 2.0)
  • 1x ARGB+FAN Header (JAF_1)
  • 1x USB4 card connector (JTBT_U4_1, supports RTD3)
  • 4x USB 2.0 ports
  • 2x USB 5Gbps Type A ports
  • 1x USB 10Gbps Type C ports
  • 1x EZ LED Control switch
  • Display Port
  • USB 5 Gbps (Type-A)
  • USB 10Gbps (Type-A)
  • 2.5G LAN
  • Audio Connectors
  • HDMI™
  • Clear CMOS
  • Flash BIOS
  • USB 10Gbps (Type-C)
  • USB 20Gbps (Type-C)
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
  • Optical S/PDIF Out
  • Weight ‎4.93 lbs
  • Dimensions 304.8 x 243.84 x 44.45 mm
  • Package Weight 4.945 lb
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 13.4 x 10.7 x 2.9″



Buy MSI MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI LGA 1700 ATX DDR5 Motherboard from us at the best prices of MSI MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI LGA 1700 ATX DDR5 Motherboard in Pakistan and enjoy our nationwide free delivery, customers from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Hyderabad can get deliveries within 24 hours.


In the ever-evolving landscape of high-performance computing, the motherboard plays a crucial role as the backbone of your system. The MSI MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI LGA 1700 ATX DDR5 motherboard stands out as a premium choice for gamers, content creators, and power users who demand top-tier performance, cutting-edge features, and robust reliability. Let’s dive into what makes this motherboard a must-have for your next build.

MSI MPG Z790 Motherboard in Pakistan

Sleek Design and Durable Construction

The MSI MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI is designed with both aesthetics and durability in mind. The sleek black and silver color scheme, accented with customizable RGB lighting, ensures that it looks as good as it performs. The ATX form factor provides ample space for a variety of components, while high-quality materials and solid construction ensure long-term reliability and stability.

MSI MPG Z790 Motherboard in Pakistan

Advanced DDR5 Memory Support

One of the standout features of the MSI MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX is its support for DDR5 memory. DDR5 represents the latest in memory technology, offering significantly higher bandwidth, increased efficiency, and faster data transfer rates compared to DDR4. This translates into better overall system performance, quicker load times, and enhanced multitasking capabilities, making it ideal for demanding applications and high-end gaming.

Powerful LGA 1700 Socket

The motherboard’s LGA 1700 socket is designed to support Intel’s 12th and 13th generation processors, providing the power and versatility needed for modern computing tasks. This compatibility ensures that you can harness the full potential of the latest Intel CPUs, whether you’re gaming, streaming, or running intensive applications.

Robust Power Delivery and Cooling Solutions

To ensure stable performance even under heavy loads, the MSI MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI features a robust power delivery system. It includes a 19+1+1 phase VRM design, which delivers consistent power to the CPU for optimal performance and overclocking potential. The advanced cooling solutions, including extended heatsinks and high-quality thermal pads, effectively dissipate heat, maintaining optimal temperatures and preventing thermal throttling.

MSI MPG Z790 Motherboard in Pakistan

Superior Audio and Networking Capabilities

For an immersive audio experience, the motherboard features high-quality audio components and support for premium audio codecs. This ensures clear, crisp sound and enhances your overall multimedia experience. On the networking front, WiFi 6E and 2.5G LAN capabilities guarantee fast and reliable internet connections, minimizing lag and latency for seamless online gaming and streaming.

User-Friendly BIOS and Software

MSI’s user-friendly BIOS interface makes it easy to configure and optimize your system settings. Whether you’re fine-tuning overclocking parameters, monitoring system performance, or updating firmware, the intuitive BIOS ensures that you have full control over your system. Additionally, MSI’s exclusive software suite, including the MSI Center, provides a centralized platform for managing system settings, customizing RGB lighting, and optimizing performance.

Enhanced Storage Options

The MSI MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI supports multiple storage options, including several M.2 slots with PCIe 5.0 support, offering faster data transfer speeds and increased storage capacity. This allows you to build a system with plenty of fast storage options, ideal for gaming, video editing, and other data-intensive tasks.

MSI MPG Z790 Motherboard in Pakistan

Cutting-Edge Connectivity Options

Connectivity is a key strength of the MSI MPG Z790 EDGE TI MAX WIFI. It offers a comprehensive array of ports and slots, including multiple USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 ports, a USB-C port, and multiple M.2 slots for high-speed NVMe SSDs. The inclusion of WiFi 6E provides ultra-fast wireless connectivity with reduced latency, while the 2.5G LAN port ensures a stable and fast wired connection for online gaming and data transfers.


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