Moshi Vitros iPhone XS/X Protective Case – Crimson Red 99MO103031


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  • This case provides Military-grade drop protection for your mobile
  • Premium quality deceptively slim Apple iPhone XS/X case
  • Wireless charging compatible case with precision cutouts
  • The color Family of the Mobile Case is red
  • Our case is Compatible with Apple iPhone XR Model
  • Dimensions ‎19 x 10.4 x 1.9 cm; 90 Grams
  • Weight ‎90 g


Moshi Vitros iPhone XS/X Protective Case – Crimson Red 99MO103031

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In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, finding the perfect balance between style and protection is paramount. The Moshi Vitros iPhone XS/X Protective Case, specifically in the eye-catching Crimson Red variant (99MO103031), effortlessly marries aesthetics with functionality. This explores the features and benefits that make the Moshi Vitros case a standout choice for iPhone XS/X users seeking both elegance and defense for their beloved devices.

Moshi Vitros iPhone in Pakistan

Sleek Design with Premium Materials

The Moshi Vitros case is a testament to minimalist elegance. Crafted with precision, the case features a slim and transparent design that accentuates the iPhone XS/X’s original aesthetics while providing comprehensive protection. The Crimson Red variant adds a bold and sophisticated touch, making a statement without compromising the phone’s sleek profile.

Moshi Vitros iPhone in Pakistan

Military-Grade Drop Protection

While showcasing a sleek appearance, the Moshi Vitros case doesn’t compromise on protection. Engineered with military-grade drop protection, the case is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and accidental drops. The advanced technology disperses impact energy, safeguarding the iPhone XS/X from potential damage.

Durable and Scratch-Resistant Material

The Crimson Red Moshi Vitros case is crafted from a durable and scratch-resistant material that maintains its pristine appearance over time. The high-quality construction ensures longevity, keeping the case looking fresh and vibrant even after extended use. Users can confidently slide their iPhone XS/X into pockets or bags without worrying about unsightly scratches.

Moshi Vitros iPhone in Pakistan

Responsive Buttons and Precise Cutouts

Moshi understands the importance of maintaining the iPhone’s functionality. The Vitros case features responsive buttons that provide tactile feedback, ensuring an effortless user experience. Precise cutouts for the camera, ports, and speakers guarantee easy access to all essential features without compromising on protection.

Raised Bezel for Screen and Camera Protection

The Moshi Vitros case goes the extra mile in safeguarding both the iPhone XS/X’s display and camera. The raised bezels around the edges create a protective barrier, preventing direct contact with surfaces when placed face down. This thoughtful design minimizes the risk of scratches and potential damage to the camera lens.

Wireless Charging Compatibility

Keeping up with modern convenience, the Moshi Vitros case is designed to support wireless charging for the iPhone XS/X. Users can effortlessly charge their devices without the need to remove the case, providing a seamless and hassle-free charging experience.

Easy Installation and Removal

The Moshi Vitros case ensures a hassle-free experience when it comes to installation and removal. The flexible and durable material allows users to easily snap the case onto their iPhone XS/X, providing instant protection. Likewise, removing the case is a breeze, offering the flexibility to switch between cases or clean the device when needed.

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