Micron 32GB PC4-2666V ECC UDIMM EUDIMM DDR4 Server RAM


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  • Brand Micron
  • Bus Speed PC4-21300 (DDR4-2666)
  • Type DDR4 ECC RAM
  • Capacity per Module 32 GB


Micron 32GB PC4-2666V ECC UDIMM EUDIMM DDR4 Server RAM

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of server technology, memory plays a pivotal role in determining performance, reliability, and efficiency. Micron, a global leader in memory solutions, introduces the 32GB PC4-2666V ECC UDIMM DDR4 Server RAM, designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern server environments. We delves into the features, benefits, and advantages of this ECC UDIMM DDR4 RAM, highlighting its potential to elevate server performance to new heights.

DDR4 ECC UDIMM – The Gold Standard for Server Memory

The Micron 32GB PC4-2666V ECC UDIMM DDR4 Server RAM represents a significant advancement in server memory technology. Built with Error-Correcting Code (ECC) and Unbuffered Dual In-Line Memory Module (UDIMM) design, this DDR4 RAM module offers superior reliability, stability, and performance, making it an ideal choice for mission-critical server applications.

Enhanced Performance with DDR4 Technology

With DDR4 technology, the Micron 32GB ECC UDIMM DDR4 Server RAM delivers faster data transfer rates, lower latency, and improved power efficiency compared to its DDR3 predecessors. This translates to quicker data access, smoother multitasking, and reduced power consumption, allowing servers to handle more tasks simultaneously without compromising performance.

Error-Correcting Code (ECC) for Unparalleled Reliability

One of the standout features of the Micron 32GB ECC UDIMM DDR4 Server RAM is its ECC capability. ECC memory is designed to detect and correct single-bit errors, ensuring data integrity and preventing system crashes or data corruption. This is particularly crucial for servers running critical applications where data accuracy and reliability are paramount.

High-Capacity Storage for Demanding Workloads

With a spacious 32GB capacity, this Micron ECC UDIMM DDR4 RAM module offers ample memory for handling intensive server workloads, such as virtualization, database management, and high-performance computing. Whether you’re running multiple virtual machines, processing large datasets, or managing complex applications, this RAM provides the headroom needed to ensure smooth and efficient server operation.

Optimized for Compatibility and Ease of Installation

The Micron 32GB ECC UDIMM DDR4 Server RAM is designed for compatibility with a wide range of server motherboards and processors. Its UDIMM form factor ensures easy installation, requiring no specialized tools or expertise. Simply plug the RAM module into the appropriate memory slot, secure it with the locking mechanism, and your server is ready to go. Additionally, the ECC UDIMM design ensures seamless integration with existing ECC memory configurations, allowing for flexible and scalable memory upgrades.

Energy-Efficient Design for Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Despite its high-performance capabilities, the Micron 32GB ECC UDIMM DDR4 Server RAM is also engineered for energy efficiency. Operating at a low voltage and featuring advanced power management features, this RAM helps reduce power consumption, heat generation, and cooling requirements. This not only lowers energy bills but also extends the lifespan of server components, contributing to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over the long term.


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