MB572 MiniDisplay Port to VGA Adapter


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MiniDisplay Port adapters can process all these signals, but to get all these as proper output, the device connected to MiniDisplay Port that will be used for production, (like laptops, video cards, and such) needs to be capable of yielding different types of signals that the user requires as ‘output’.

This Magnificent MB572 MiniDisplay Port to VGA Adapter VGA Connector permits the users to connect your MacBook Display Port to any VGA Screen, Flat panel television or Projector effectively, through a male to male VGA cable. With 9’’x 6.88’’x0.63’’ in dimensions and 0.19 pounds in weight, this MB572 MiniDisplay Port to VGA Adapter can provide a simple solution to get a VGA output signal of up to 1920×1200 resolution. MB572 MiniDisplay Port to VGA Adapter is Compatible with Mac computers that have MiniDisplay Port and Thunderbolt ports.


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