HSP 1/10 94603 Scale Electric Power Off-Road Truggy


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  • Length: 400mm
  • Width: 300mm
  • Height: 150mm
  • Wheelbase:282mm
  • Gear Ratio: 1:9.2
  • Ground Clearance: 33mm
  • Motor:RC540
  • Battery: Ni-Mh7.2v 2000mAh
  • Radio System: 2.4G
  • Drive System: 2 Wheel Drive
  • Chassis Type: Plastic
  • Wheels: 100*57mm


HSP 1/10 94603 Scale Electric Power Off-Road Truggy

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The HSP 1/10 Scale Electric Power Off-Road Truggy (No.:94603) is a high-performance remote-controlled (RC) truggy that brings the excitement of off-road racing to enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned RC racer or a newcomer to the hobby, this truggy offers an exhilarating blend of speed, agility, and durability. we explore the key features and attributes that make the HSP 1/10 Scale Electric Power Off-Road Truggy a thrilling choice for off-road RC enthusiasts.

HSP 1 10 Scale Electric Off-Road Truggy Price in Pakistan

Powerful Electric Motor

At the heart of the HSP 94603 is a powerful electric motor that propels the truggy with impressive speed. The electric motor not only provides a dynamic and responsive driving experience but also eliminates the need for fuel, making it a convenient and environmentally friendly choice. The truggy’s electric powertrain ensures consistent and reliable performance on a variety of off-road terrains.

1/10 Scale Off-Road Truggy Design

The 1/10 scale design of the HSP 94603 strikes a balance between size and maneuverability, making it suitable for both outdoor tracks and more confined spaces. The truggy’s off-road design, characterized by large, rugged wheels and a sturdy suspension system, enables it to tackle dirt, gravel, and uneven terrain with ease. This versatility makes the HSP 94603 a fantastic choice for off-road racing adventures.

HSP 1 10 Scale Electric Off-Road Truggy Price in Pakistan

Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) System

Equipped with a four-wheel-drive system, the HSP 94603 delivers enhanced traction and stability. The 4WD configuration ensures that power is distributed to all four wheels, providing superior control and handling. Whether you’re navigating through tight turns or conquering rough trails, the 4WD system contributes to the truggy’s overall performance and responsiveness.

Aluminum Chassis for Durability

The HSP 1/10 Scale Electric Power Off-Road Truggy features a robust aluminum chassis that adds durability to its structure. The aluminum chassis not only enhances the truggy’s ability to withstand rough handling and impacts but also provides a lightweight yet sturdy foundation for optimal performance. This durability is crucial for off-road racing, where the vehicle may encounter various obstacles and challenges.

HSP 1 10 Scale Electric Off-Road Truggy Price in Pakistan

Oil-Filled Shocks and Adjustable Suspension

To ensure a smooth and controlled ride, the HSP 94603 is equipped with oil-filled shocks and an adjustable suspension system. The oil-filled shocks absorb shocks and vibrations, allowing the truggy to maintain stability over uneven surfaces. Additionally, the adjustable suspension allows users to fine-tune the tuggy’s ride height and handling characteristics to suit their preferences and the specific demands of the terrain.

2.4GHz Radio System

The inclusion of a 2.4GHz radio system provides precise and interference-free control over the HSP 94603. The 2.4GHz technology ensures reliable communication between the transmitter and the truggy, minimizing the likelihood of signal interference from other RC vehicles. This advanced radio system allows for responsive and accurate control, enhancing the overall RC racing experience.

Waterproof Electronics

The HSP 1/10 Scale Electric Power Off-Road Truggy is equipped with waterproof electronics, adding a level of versatility to its off-road capabilities. Whether you encounter wet conditions or splash through puddles, the truggy’s waterproof electronics protect crucial components, such as the motor and electronic speed controller (ESC), from water damage.



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