Gigabyte Computer System Fan 140mm


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  • Dimensions : 140 x 25 mm
  • Speed : 800 ~ 1700 RPM +/-10%
  • Bearing Type : Sleeve (Graphene Nano Lubricant)
  • Air Flow : 30.3 ~ 60.64 CFM
  • Pressure : 0.59 ~ 2.18 mmH2O
  • Noise Level : 8.9 ~ 35.8 dBA
  • MTTF : 73,500 Hours
  • Connector : 4-Pin PWM / ARGB header
  • Voltage : 12V
  • Input Power : 6W
  • Input Current : 0.5A


Gigabyte Computer System Fan 140mm

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In the world of PC gaming and high-performance computing, keeping your system cool is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Enter the Gigabyte Computer System Fan 140mm, a powerful cooling solution designed to provide efficient and effective airflow for your PC build. With its innovative design, quiet operation, and reliable performance, this fan is a must-have component for any enthusiast looking to maintain optimal temperatures and maximize their system’s potential.

Efficient Cooling Performance

The Gigabyte Computer System Fan 140mm is engineered to deliver exceptional cooling performance, thanks to its high airflow design and advanced blade geometry. With a maximum airflow of up to 70.7 CFM (cubic feet per minute), this fan ensures efficient heat dissipation, keeping your components cool under heavy loads and during intense gaming sessions. Whether you’re overclocking your CPU, pushing your GPU to its limits, or running demanding applications, the Gigabyte 140mm fan helps maintain stable temperatures for optimal performance and reliability.

Quiet Operation

Despite its impressive cooling capabilities, the Gigabyte 140mm fan operates with minimal noise, ensuring a quiet and distraction-free computing experience. Equipped with hydraulic bearings and optimized fan blades, this fan produces low levels of noise even at high speeds, allowing you to focus on your tasks without being disturbed by excessive fan noise. Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or working on creative projects, the Gigabyte 140mm fan ensures a peaceful environment without sacrificing cooling performance.

Durable and Reliable Design

Built to withstand the rigors of continuous use, the Gigabyte Computer System Fan 140mm features durable construction and high-quality components. The fan’s dual ball bearing design ensures long-term reliability and extended lifespan, making it an ideal choice for demanding PC builds and enthusiasts who demand the best in performance and durability. Additionally, the fan’s anti-vibration pads help minimize noise and vibration, further enhancing its stability and reliability.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

The Gigabyte Computer System Fan 140mm is designed for easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of PC cases and configurations. With its standard 140mm size and universal mounting options, this fan fits seamlessly into most PC builds without requiring any additional adapters or modifications. Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or building a new PC from scratch, the Gigabyte 140mm fan offers hassle-free installation and reliable performance right out of the box.


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