DJI M300 Drone Air Payload Drop Release Hook Mechanism System


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  • The DJI M300 air drop release Mechanism develops on DJI onboard SDK, compatible with DJI matrice 300 RTK drone.
  • Control and operate the drop & release via DJI smart controller – the DJI pilot.
  • 5 hooks design, one time can mount 5 payloads.
  • Max payload weight more than 10Kg ( consider the DJI M300 drone payload capacity, suggest no more than 3Kg)
  • Quick-release design, easy to install.
  • The drop mechanism is made of aviation aluminum and carbon fiber,  lightweight, heavy load.
  • The NON -DJI SDK version is available, that works with any multi-rotor drone, control via PWM.
  • Product size: 62mm*62mm*92mm
  • Outer packing box: 252mm*217mm*121mm
  • Weight: 295g
  • Electrical interface: OSDK
  • Rated power: 18w
  • Power supply voltage type-c port input voltage: 5~24V
  • Control method: quick release + APP control
  • The control distance is equal to the UAV communication distance (DJI M300RTK)
  • If you use a third-party drone to mount, the control distance depends on the remote control
  • Installation method: quick release
  • Number of mounts : 5
  • UAV five-stage dispenser
  • The single-jaw load weight is 5kg, and the actual load is subject to the aircraft load
  • The total mounted weight is 25kg, and the actual load is subject to the aircraft’s load
  • Mounting order: sequential mounting Order of delivery
  • Delivery function: Single point delivery
  • Working environment temperature: -20℃—45℃



DJI M300 Drone Air Payload Drop Release Hook Mechanism System

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In the realm of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), DJI has consistently stood at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of innovation and functionality. Their latest addition to the fleet, the DJI M300 drone, has been making waves in the industry for its advanced features and versatility. Among its impressive array of capabilities is the Air Payload Drop Release Hook Mechanism System, a feature that enhances the drone’s utility across various applications.

DJI M300 Drone Air Payload in Pakistan

Evolution of Aerial Payload Release Systems

Payload release mechanisms have been integral to drone operations, enabling tasks such as aerial photography, surveying, and search and rescue. Traditionally, these mechanisms have been manually operated or designed with basic servo-based release systems. However, as technology has advanced, there has been a growing demand for more sophisticated, precise, and reliable release mechanisms.

Introducing the DJI M300 Drone

DJI’s M300 drone represents a significant leap forward in UAV technology, designed to meet the needs of professional users across industries. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, including advanced obstacle avoidance, extended flight times, and enhanced payload capacity, the M300 sets a new standard for aerial platforms.

DJI M300 Drone Air Payload in Pakistan

The Air Payload Drop Release Hook Mechanism System

At the heart of the M300’s versatility is its Air Payload Drop Release Hook Mechanism System. This innovative feature allows users to remotely release payloads with unparalleled precision and control. Whether deploying equipment for search and rescue operations or conducting environmental monitoring missions, the M300’s release mechanism ensures that payloads are dropped exactly where they are needed.

Precision Engineering for Precision Drops

What sets DJI’s Air Payload Drop Release Hook Mechanism System apart is its precision engineering and intelligent design. Leveraging advanced sensors and algorithms, the system calculates the optimal release point based on factors such as altitude, wind speed, and drone velocity. This ensures that payloads are dropped with pinpoint accuracy, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Search and Rescue

In emergency situations, every second counts. The M300’s release mechanism allows rescuers to deliver essential supplies such as medical kits, life jackets, or communication devices to remote or inaccessible locations with speed and accuracy.

Environmental Monitoring

For environmental scientists and researchers, the ability to deploy sensors and sampling equipment with precision is crucial. The M300 enables precise placement of monitoring devices, allowing for more accurate data collection and analysis.

Inspection and Maintenance

In industries such as infrastructure and energy, drones play a vital role in inspecting hard-to-reach structures such as bridges, power lines, and wind turbines. The M300’s release mechanism can be used to deploy inspection tools or replacement parts with ease, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.

Wildlife Conservation

Conservationists can use the M300 to support wildlife monitoring and protection efforts. From tracking animal movements to delivering bait or tracking devices, the drone’s release mechanism provides a non-invasive means of interacting with wildlife populations.



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