DJI D9000i Generator for T30 Agras


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Automatic electronic / pull start
Working temperature
-20 ° C to 40 ° C
Maximum working humidity
Rated engine speed
3600 RPM
Fuel type
Gasoline 92
Engine oil
SAE 10W-30
Fuel tank capacity
25 litres
Engine oil capacity
1.1 litres
Rated output
CONTINUOUS CURRENT: 40-60 V / 120 A – 230 V
Load power
7200 W (60 V / 120 A)
Maximum motor power
9000 W
Maximum motor displacement
420 CC
Battery adapter
T30 Intelligent Flight Battery
Fuel consumption (Charge from 30% to 95% )
0.6 L / Per piece T30 Intelligent flight battery
610 X 520 X 625mm
65 kg


DJI D9000i Generator for T30 Agras

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Battery generator for fast charging intelligent batteries of Agras T30

This generator is designed to charge the batteries of agricultural drones when no AC power supply is available. It allows fast charging (30 to 95%) of a set of 2 batteries in just 10 minutes. This enables virtually indefinite autonomy for precision farming work. Starting is electronic, push-button and fuel-efficient: 0.6 litres of fuel are needed to charge one T30 smart battery. The 25 litres of fuel in the tank can charge the batteries 48 cycles. It offers a nominal DC output at 220V. So it can be used for other purposes, such as a conventional petrol electric generator. The D9000i generator is a compact cube of just over half a metre (610 X 520 X 625 millimetres), and weighs 65 kg.


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