Autel Robotics EVO II Pro V2 6K Rugged Bundle Drone


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  • Performance
    Maximum Takeoff Weight 4.4 lb / 1999 g
    Maximum Horizontal Speed 44.7 mph / 20 m/s (Ludicrous)
    Maximum Ascent Speed 17.9 mph / 8 m/s
    Maximum Descent Speed 8.9 mph / 4 m/s
    Maximum Wind Resistance 46 mph / 74.0 km/h
    Flight Ceiling 4.35 Miles / 7000 m
    Maximum Flight Time 40 Minutes
    Maximum Hover Time 35 Minutes
    Hovering Accuracy ±0.3′ / 0.1 m Vertical with Vision Positioning
    ±1.6′ / 0.5 m Vertical with GPS
    ±1.0′ / 0.3 m Horizontal with Vision Positioning
    ±4.9′ / 1.5 m Horizontal with GPS
  • Camera
    Sensor Type 1″-Type CMOS Sensor
    Sensor Resolution Effective: 20 Megapixel
    Focal Length 28.6mm (35mm Equivalent)
    Maximum Aperture f/2.8
    Minimum Aperture f/11
    Minimum Focus Distance 3.3′ / 1 m
    ISO Sensitivity Photo
    100 to 12,800
    100 to 6400
    Video Format 5472 x 3076p at 24/25/30 fps (120 Mb/s MOV/MP4 via H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, MPEG-4)
    3840 x 2160p at 24/25/30/48/50/60 fps (120 Mb/s MOV/MP4 via H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, MPEG-4)
    2720 x 1528p at 24/25/30/48/50/60/120 fps (120 Mb/s MOV/MP4 via H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, MPEG-4)
    1920 x 1080p at 24/25/30/48/50/60/120 fps (120 Mb/s MOV/MP4 via H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, MPEG-4)
    Still Image Support DNG / JPEG
    20 MP (5472 x 3648)
    20 MP (5472 x 3076)
    20 MP (3840 x 2160)
    Media/Memory Card Slot Single Slot: microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC [256 GB Maximum]
    Photo Modes Auto-Exposure Bracketing (AEB), Burst Shooting, Single Shot
  • Gimbal
    Number of Axes 3 (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)
    Control Range Pitch: -135 to 45°
    Yaw: -100 to 100°
    Pitch: -90 to 30°
    Yaw: -90 to 90°
    Angular Speed Pitch: 300°/s
    Control Accuracy ±0.005°
    Flight Control System
    GNSS Support Not Specified by Manufacturer
    Remote Controller / Transmitter
    Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz (2.4 – 2.483)
    5.8 GHz
    Maximum Operating Distance 5.59 Miles / 9 km at 2.4 G
  • Transmitter Power 27 dBm (2.4 G)
    Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo)
    Battery Capacity 5000 mAh
    Built-In Display Size 3.3″
    Flight Battery
    Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo)
    Capacity 7100 mAh / 82 Wh
    Battery Configuration 3 S / 11.55 V
    Maximum Charging Power 93 W
    Charging Temperature 41 to 113°F / 5 to 45°C
    Weight 12.9 oz / 365 g
  • Charger
    AC Input Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz at 1.5 A
    Output Voltage 13.2 V, 5 A
    5 V, 3 A
    9 V, 2 A
    12 V, 1.5 A
    Power Rating 66 W
  • General
    Number of Rotors 4
    Operating Temperature 14 to 104°F / -10 to 40°C
    Diagonal Size 15.6″ / 0.4 m
    Packaging Info
    Package Weight 12.7 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 20 x 15.9 x 8.2″


Autel Robotics EVO II Pro V2 6K Rugged Bundle Drone

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Autel Robotics EVO II Pro

Autel EVO 2 Pro ultra-HD video camera drone featured a 1-inch sensor with 6K video and 20MP photo. Capture stunning detail not previously possible on an aerial platform of this size. An adjustable aperture from f/2.8 – f/11, HDR and intuitive camera controls make this the perfect choice for any aerial cinematographer or mapping pilot.[Autel EVO II Pro V2 drone returns to home automatically without GPS signal at high altitude.] Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6k Camera drone

Autel EVO II Pro 6K Camera

  • 1″ CMOS Sensor & F/2.8-F/11 Adjustable Aperture

Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6K drone camera with 1-inch sensor captures incredibly smooth 6K Ultra HD video and 20MP photos. And An adjustable aperture from f/2.8 to f/11 giving you wide-ranging adjustment over how much light gets into the camera. As for resolution, the 6K camera can achieve up to 5472 x 3648 in still and 6K/ 30fps, 4K/ 60fps in video. Also with a bit rate of up to 120 Mbps.


Imaging Sensor


Photos Resolution


HDR Video

  • 6K Hyper-lapse photography and More Shooting Modes

The EVO II Pro camera drone support a variety of shooting modes, including Single-shot; Burst shooting; Auto exposure bracketing (AEB); Time-lapse (JPEG/RAW format); High-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging; HyperLight; Long exposure autel roboticse evo ii pro 6k hyper-lapse

  • Capture the night time world

The EVO II Pro camera featured Hyper-light mode for shooting in low-light conditions with 2D and 3D noise reduction smoothing motion blur and reducing noise.

  • 10-bit A-Log Color Recording

This mode allows for greater flexibility in post-production for the professional photographer 10-bit allows the EVO II Pro to record up to 1 billion colors. The EVO II Pro retains rich detail in shadows and highlights, allowing greater flexibility in post-production. evo ii pro 4k camera drone

  • Connect Autel Live Deck to display live video from EVO II on any device

The live video from EVO 2 drone can be displayed on your remote controller or connect with Autel Live Deck to display on any device including computer, TV, Ipad via USB, HDMI, Ethernet, to meet the requirements of projection monitoring and live streaming.

  • Adjust field-of-view to any angle from 0° to 90° while flying

EVO II Pro Drone contains a high-precision 3-axis gimbal that keeps the camera steady while the aircraft is flying, ensuring image stability and clarity. Also, You can use the remote control’s gimbal pitch dial to adjust the pitch axis to any angle from 0° to 90° at any time.

  • Cameras interchangeable

Autel EVO II Series Dones is one aircraft with three camera options. All cameras for Evo II can be purchased separately and are interchangeable! Autel EVO II One new aircraft with three camera options

EVO II – AI Enhanced Dynamic Track

EVO II Pro can model location and speed of targets simultaneously, predict their trajectory accurately, avoiding obstacles during flight, and track them continuously while identifying up to 64 objects at the same time. The function can track the subject in three modes: behind, side-by-side, or fixed position.

360° Obstacle Avoidance

EVO 2 Pro Drone’s front, rear, left, right, top, and bottom binocular vision sensing systems use image data to calculate the distance between the aircraft and potential obstacles. Begin detecting potential hazards at up to 30m away and let EVO II accurately control the speed of the drone to avoid a collision. autel robotics evo ii pro 6k drone 360° Obstacle Avoidanceautel robotics evo ii pro 6k drone 360° 12 binocular vision sensing systems

Multiple Intelligent Flight Modes

Autel EVO II Drone supports multiple smart Flight Modes includes Dynamic Track, Parallel Track, Tripod Track, Viewpoint, Orbit, Gesture control, VR Flight, Waypoint and more. autel robotics evo ii pro flight mode

Failsafe & Automatically Return Home

EVO 2 Pro will return home automatically when Low Aircraft Battery Level and Communication Lost. Additionally, EVO 2’s bottom binocular vision camera to create a density depth map. Then, it calculates the depth map’s flatness and angles to ensure an accurate and safe landing.

40 Minutes & 5.5 Miles HD Transmission

Autel EVO 2 Pro comes standard with a 7100mAh rechargeable battery. Providing up to 40min of flight time in forward motion to up to 9km (5.5miles) away and 35min at a hover. And top speed up to 45MPH, additionally There is no geofencing or cellular service restrictions on any of EVO II. autel robotics evo ii pro 40 mins flight timeautel robotics evo ii pro no flight restriction


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