Apple Pencil 1st Generation MK0C2


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  • Features Magnetically attaches and pairs
  • Connections Bluetooth
  • Length: 6.53 inches (166 mm)
  • Diameter: 0.35 inch (8.9 mm)
  • Weight: 0.73 ounces (20.7 grams)


Apple Pencil 1st Generation MK0C2

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The Apple Pencil 1st Generation MK0C2 in an elegant white finish represents the pinnacle of precision and creativity in the world of styluses. Tailored specifically for compatible iPad Pro models, this stylus redefines the art of digital creation, providing users with a seamless and responsive tool for sketching, drawing, note-taking, and more. we explore the features that make the Apple Pencil 1st Generation MK0C2 an indispensable accessory for iPad Pro users seeking a dynamic and intuitive creative experience.

Exceptional Precision and Responsiveness

Crafted with precision and sophistication, the Apple Pencil 1st Generation MK0C2 delivers an unparalleled level of accuracy and responsiveness. This stylus allows artists, designers, and users alike to bring their creative visions to life with intricate details and nuanced strokes. Whether you’re sketching a masterpiece or annotating notes, the Apple Pencil elevates the digital creative process to new heights.

Seamless Pairing and Charging

Pairing the Apple Pencil 1st Generation MK0C2 with your compatible iPad Pro is an effortless process. The stylus magnetically attaches to the side of your iPad Pro, initiating automatic pairing. This magnetic connection not only ensures a secure attachment but also provides a convenient charging solution. The Apple Pencil charges wirelessly, eliminating the need for cables and ensuring it’s always ready for use.

Gesture Controls for Intuitive Interaction

The Apple Pencil 1st Generation MK0C2 introduces gesture controls that enhance the overall user experience. With a simple double-tap on the stylus, users can switch between tools or access specific functions within supported apps. This intuitive feature streamlines the creative workflow, allowing for quick and seamless interaction with your iPad Pro.

Pressure Sensitivity and Tilt Recognition

Built with advanced technology, the Apple Pencil MK0C2 captures the nuances of pressure and tilt, mirroring the feel of traditional art tools. Users can vary the line thickness and shading by adjusting the pressure applied to the stylus, while tilt recognition enables dynamic shading techniques. This level of sensitivity allows for a more natural and expressive drawing experience.

Immersive Haptic Feedback

To further enhance the user experience, the Apple Pencil MK0C2 incorporates immersive haptic feedback. The stylus provides subtle vibrations in response to different actions, such as tapping or double-tapping, adding a tactile dimension to the interaction. This haptic feedback contributes to a more engaging and responsive creative process.

Compatibility with iPad Pro Models

The Apple Pencil MK0C2 is specifically designed for compatibility with a range of iPad Pro models, including the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro. This ensures optimal performance and responsiveness, allowing users to unlock the full potential of the stylus on these advanced iPad Pro devices.

Long Battery Life for Extended Creativity

Designed for extended usage, the Apple Pencil MK0C2 boasts an impressive battery life. A full charge provides extended creative sessions, ensuring that the stylus is ready to support your artistic endeavors. The wireless charging capability simplifies the charging process, allowing users to focus on their projects without interruptions.

Wide Range of Creative Apps

The Apple Pencil 1st Generation MK0C2 seamlessly integrates with a vast array of creative apps available on the App Store. Whether you’re sketching, drawing, annotating, or taking handwritten notes, the stylus unlocks a world of possibilities for creative expression and productivity.

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