Apple MLWK3 Airpods Pro with Magsafe Charger


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  • Brand Apple
  • Sweat And Water Resistant (IPX4) Yes
  • Active Noise Cancellation Yes
  • Chip H1-based System In Package
  • Battery Up To 3.5 Hours Of Talk Time With A Single Charge
  • Transparency Mode Yes
  • Amazing Sound Quality With Adaptive EQ Yes
  • Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wireless Charging Works With Qi-certified Chargers
  • In The Box AirPods Pro, Magsafe Charging Case, Lightning To USB-C Cable, Documentation
  • Height 1.22 Inches
  • Width 0.86 Inch
  • Depth 0.94 Inch
  • Weight 5.4 Grams


Apple MLWK3 Airpods Pro with Magsafe Charger

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Apple continues to redefine the way we experience audio with its latest innovation: the Apple MLWK3 AirPods Pro paired with the MagSafe Charger. This dynamic duo combines the industry-leading technology of the AirPods Pro with the convenience and efficiency of MagSafe wireless charging, providing users with a seamless and immersive audio experience like never before.

Apple AirPods Pro in Pakistan

The Evolution of AirPods Pro

Building upon the success of its predecessors, the Apple MLWK3 AirPods Pro represents the pinnacle of wireless earbud technology. Boasting active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and adaptive EQ, these earbuds offer unparalleled sound quality and customizable listening experiences. Whether you’re tuning into your favorite playlist, taking calls on the go, or immersing yourself in a podcast, the AirPods Pro delivers crystal-clear audio with immersive spatial audio that places sound all around you.

Apple AirPods Pro in Pakistan

MagSafe Charger Integration

What sets the Apple MLWK3 AirPods Pro apart is their seamless integration with the MagSafe Charger. With the MagSafe Charger, powering up your AirPods Pro is as effortless as it gets. Simply snap the MagSafe Charger onto the back of your compatible iPhone or MagSafe-compatible device, and watch as your AirPods Pro begin to charge wirelessly. The magnetic alignment ensures a secure connection every time, so you can charge with confidence whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move.

Apple AirPods Pro in Pakistan

Sleek and Compact Design

True to Apple’s design ethos, both the AirPods Pro and MagSafe Charger feature sleek and compact designs that complement each other perfectly. The AirPods Pro sport a discreet and ergonomic design that fits snugly in your ears for all-day comfort, while the MagSafe Charger boasts a minimalist profile that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. Together, they form a stylish and sophisticated audio solution that not only sounds great but looks great too.

Apple AirPods Pro in Pakistan

Convenience and Efficiency

The combination of the Apple MLWK3 AirPods Pro and MagSafe Charger offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Gone are the days of fumbling with tangled cords or searching for the right charging port. With MagSafe wireless charging, powering up your AirPods Pro is as simple as placing them on a compatible charging surface. Whether you’re at your desk, in your car, or out and about, the MagSafe Charger provides fast and efficient charging wherever you go, so you can stay connected and immersed in your audio experience without interruption.

Apple AirPods Pro in Pakistan


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