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Optoma Projectors Price in Pakistan

Optoma, a leading brand in the projector industry, offers a diverse range of projectors catering to various needs, from home entertainment to professional installations. The prices of Optoma projectors in Pakistan vary based on factors such as resolution, brightness, and additional features, providing users with options that align with their specific requirements and budget constraints.

Optoma HD35UST 1080p Ultra Short Throw Home Entertainment Projector Price in Pakistan

The Optoma HD35UST is a 1080p Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector designed for home entertainment enthusiasts. Its UST capability allows it to project large images from a short distance, making it ideal for spaces with limited room. The Optoma HD35UST is a 1080p Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector in Pakistan that reflects the projector’s advanced features, including high resolution, brightness, and immersive home theater experiences, making it a sought-after choice for those seeking a cinematic setup in confined spaces.

Optoma HD29HST – Bright Short Throw Home Entertainment Projector Price in Pakistan

The Optoma HD29HST projector is a bright short-throw home entertainment projector that balances performance and convenience. With its short-throw capability, it minimizes shadows and offers flexibility in placement. The Optoma HD29HST projector in Pakistan positions it as an attractive option for users looking to enhance their home entertainment experience with a projector that delivers both brightness and a short throw distance.

Optoma HD29 Darbee Ultra Home Cinema Projection Price in Pakistan

Catering to home cinema enthusiasts, the Optoma HD29 Darbee Ultra projector offers enhanced image processing with DarbeeVision technology. This feature enhances visual details, providing a more immersive viewing experience. The Optoma HD29 Darbee Ultra projector in Pakistan reflects the advanced image enhancement technology, making it a preferred choice for users who prioritize superior image quality in their home theater setup.

Optoma HD28e 1920×1080 3800 ANSI Lumens Full HD Projector Price in Pakistan

The Optoma HD28e is a Full HD projector that boasts 3800 ANSI lumens of brightness, making it suitable for various environments, including living rooms and dedicated home theaters. The Optoma HD28e is a Full HD projector in Pakistan making it a compelling choice for users who seek high resolution and brightness without compromising on affordability. This Optoma HD28e is a Full HD projector that caters to those who value a balance between performance and cost.

Optoma 4K550 – 4K UHD Professional Installation Projector Price in Pakistan

For professional installations demanding 4K UHD resolution, the Optoma 4K550 projector is a top-tier choice. With its high resolution and brightness, it caters to large venues, auditoriums, and commercial spaces. The Optoma 4K550 projector in Pakistan reflects its professional-grade features and capabilities, making it an ideal investment for businesses, educational institutions, and venues that require a projector with 4K UHD resolution for impactful presentations and displays.