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MacBook Air Price in Clifton – MacBook Air Price in Karachi – MacBook Air Price in Pakistan

Why MacBook Air Is Worth Investing?

Apple has emerged to be one of the tech giants around the world. It does not matter if it is an iPhone or a MacBook Air, all the gadgets offered by the company are a revolution indeed. It has been recently that MacBook Air caught the attention of technical savvy as well as common people. As compared to the first Ultrabook, there are several features and upgrades that users have loved in MacBook Air. Trends are the same in Pakistan and MacBook Air prices in Pakistan are true to an extent where not everyone can enjoy its possession. However, the use of laptops in Pakistan is increasing day by day.

Let Us Talk About Several Features Of The MacBook Air:

Design: It is a thin laptop. It weighs only 0.9 kgs along with dimensions 19.65cm to 28.05cm. Its design is wedge-shaped and tapers off to almost 0.16 inches. It is its thinnest point. This is a better, smoother, faster, and thinner gadget offered by Apple. As the overall weight is 1.25kg, hence it is carried easily. The body is made of aluminum alloy hence it is lighter. One of the plus points is magnesium-based material. The overall design of the MacBook Air is highly improved.

Trackpad and Keyboard:

The device has been equipped with a redesigned keyboard with a 3rd generation mechanism amusing the users with great comfort and responsiveness. The keyboard is no doubt very smooth and another greater addition is the touch ID. The power key feature of the book is its built-in fingerprint scanner. This scanner enables the owner to unlock the laptop specifically when the book is in sleep mode. You may choose from a password or a PIN to lock your MacBook Air. There is a T2 security chip that is biometric based prevents the gadget to be hacked.

Enhanced Features:

Ports: The gadget has two ports for USB-C with a 3.5mm jack for the headphone.

Speakers: The speakers are updated with a capacity of 25% higher volume.

Camera: The gadget has 720p Face Time HD Camera. It has 3 microphones to make good video and audio calls better. Webcam has high resolution making it better than as compared to the competitors.

Colors: Three colors are offered on the Apple laptop. These colors include space gray, silver, and gold color. The Apple logo, which was illuminated earlier has been replaced with a chrome one.

Battery: The battery life of the MacBook Air lasts up to 12 hours, which is pretty much effective.

Final verdict: It completely depends on your usage if the features of the MacBook Air will meet your requirements or not. Looking at MacBook Air prices in Pakistan you need not to worry. All you must do is to get in touch with reliable sellers and buy MacBook Air from them. One such name in this regards is at-ReBoot. We not only deal in selling and buying laptops, and notebooks, but we repair them as well. So either you want to buy any gadget or you need repair services, we can serve you. Browse our site to know more about us and MacBook Air prices in Pakistan.