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Apple’s MacBook’s have entered a new age. First, apple announced that it had been switching away from its Intel chips in 2006. The company also launched the first Macs equipped with the Apple-designed M1. Then, it’s 2022, and the company has added four additional chips to its lineup: M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra–two of which are used in the new MacBoob Pro. The other is the M2 chip, which replaces the M1.

Like Apple’s iPhones, the chips operate using the ARM architecture, giving Apple a more remarkable ability to control its hardware and software. They make laptops more efficient and power-efficient, significantly improving performance and battery longevity. Additionally, you can enjoy other benefits, such as running mobile applications initially designed for iOS.

However, selecting the right MacBook is becoming more complex. Apple has stopped selling Intel-powered models. However, you will find one at an online retailer that offers two more years of support. Is it worth purchasing one? Should you invest in Apple silicon? Here are our recommendations on what you should invest the hard-earned money on.

Updated on August 20, 2022: We’ve updated our thoughts on the new 13.2-inch MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the latest M2 chip.

Is It a Good Time to Buy?
Yes. If you’re an avid user seeking a powerful MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, this is an ideal time to get either a 16- or 14-inch MacBook Pro, as Apple recently released them in the fall. However, if you don’t require that amount of power, the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air equipped with the most recent M2 chip are available now. In addition, the less expensive M1-powered MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro in 2020 are acceptable to purchase.

Apple MacBook Air (M2, 2022)

The Best Apple MacBook Air M2
Apple’s new MacBook Air comes with several improvements on the outside and inside, that’s why its price to rise. In terms of design, Apple removed its signature wedge shape for a boxier chassis. The new model comes in two colors, starlight and midnight, in addition to the standard space gray and silver choices. The screen is also larger and brighter and is equipped with a new webcam. It measures 13.6 inches (up from 13.3 inches on the predecessor). In addition, the Liquid Retina display has thinner borders, a screen brightness of 500 nits, and an oblong that houses a 1080p camera.

Apple did not add additional ports. However, the MacBook Air did indeed get the same MagSafe treatment as the premium MacBook Pro models. You can now connect the power cable magnetically to your laptop to charge it, which frees the Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports. The MacBook is also equipped for charging fast if you purchase the USB-C 67-W power adapter. Apple claims it can set the MacBook up to 57 percent within 30 minutes. I (Brenda) will need to recharge it after eight hours of usage. If I used it to work outside, the battery would last approximately six hours at maximum brightness.
The machine’s underside is the new M2 chip from Apple that offers an increase in performance over the M1’s original. The M2 Chip comes with an 8-core processor with the option of choosing between the 8-core or 10-core GPU. I tried the model with an 8-core CPU, a 10-core GPU, and 8GB of uni-memory. It was a breeze to use. MacBook Air ran smoothly on regular workdays, with applications like Slack, Spotify, Telegram, and Messages all running simultaneously, with between 10 and 15 tabs open in Google Chrome. However, while running the mentioned apps, I noticed their limitations during busy days when I increased my number of accounts to 30. It was a bit sluggish when I switched accounts, scrolling or shrinking and expanding windows. I even saw the dreaded rainbow wheel several times. I may not have experienced this with my 2021 M1 MacBook Air.

However, we still suggest using the M1 MacBook Air if you’re in a pinch for money. However, the M2-powered Air is an excellent choice for those whose tasks, such as video editing, don’t require a powerful processor like M1 Pro or the M1 Pro or M1 Max but are too graphically demanding to be suitable for an M1. We recommend upgrading the memory of your unified up to 24GB to get better performance.

The ultimate lavishing looks of MacBook Air & MacBook Pro didn’t change drastically over the period of last 3 years since 2012 especially after the introduction of High-Resolution Retina Display. A fact of the matter is, they don’t need to. With such sleek design, slim body and light enough weight, MacBook Pro & Macbook Air have always remained the foremost choice for business as well as personal use.


Apart from the consistent look of external appearance, MacBook laptops have been geared with the number of latest new features. In fact, the debut of Apple’s “Force Touch” touchpad has certainly topped all the charts. The Force Touch technology tickles the finger that feels like clicking but it is actually the “Haptic Technology”. So don’t forget to check the best deals for Apple MacBook in Pakistan at-ReBoot.


There’s simply no doubt to raise suspicion over battery timing when it comes to the most reputable laptop carrier across the globe. None other than Apple Inc can provide long lasting battery life of straight 22 – hours on Light Usage Mode and 10+ hours of High – Definition Videos playback. Integrated with the lightweight MacBook laptops, battery life certainly offers a better choice while working on the move.


Apple Inc. has never put its valuable consumers’ heads to dishonor; this can simply be proven with the latest embedded technologies with which MacBook Laptops are being geared. Thousands of positive reviews have been made regarding the debutant Force Touch technology and termed it “as expected by the brand”. All in all, you won’t find this much of features like outstanding battery life, lightweight carriage, solid performance and sleek design against mid-range competitive price tags. For Pakistani users out there at-ReBoot is the only reliable online shop, making original brand Macbooks available at affordable prices, just browse our updated shelf to check MacBook Prices in Pakistan