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HP 14/15 Series Prices In Clifton – HP 14/15 Series Prices In Karachi – HP 14/15 Series Prices In Pakistan

In this tech world, Laptops have become a must-have. From offices to educational purposes, every task requires a laptop. It can help you in managing your business and in your university assignments. Even a small business must have this device for proper maintaining. Now, when the world is all shift towards online trade, a laptop will be a helping hand for you. You know a PC doesn’t offer you to move with you places. However, a laptop gives you an edge here. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can carry your laptop with you. It makes your business ten times more convenient.

If you are thinking about purchasing one for yourself, then Hp Laptops in Pakistan can be your mate. Many other well-known companies are selling Laptops as well, but what makes HP different from others is its quality at reasonable prices. It is very challenging to find both conditions under one roof. However, HP makes it possible. HP many product series, including Pavilion, Envy, Spectre, ProBook, EliteBook, Omen, Stream, and Chromebook. The products are furthers divided into two types based on their screen display, is either 14 inch or 15 inches. It is collectively known as HP 14/15 series.

A Buying Guide For Laptops 

If you have no idea which specs you should be looking for in your laptop, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the features your new Laptop should have. The purpose of this guide is to make your decision easy about which Laptop you should buy.

  • Operating System

First, ask yourself which operating system you want to work with for your personal needs. There are three current operating systems in the market; Windows, Chrome OS, and macOS. All these have their unique specifications, to choose any of them is depends on your personal opinion.

The most used operating system is Windows these days. It is working on many more Laptops than the other two.

  • Size

Now, when you have finalized the OS, the next thing you should take care of is which size Laptop would be convenient for you. The display screen varies from 12.5 to 17-inch, and it truly depends and your preference. Some people find 12.5-inch screen small, and others can’t carry 17-inch screen Laptops every day.

Another feature is 2 in 1 Laptop. These Laptops available in two different forms; the detachable one in which you can separate the screen and use it as a tab, and the flexible screen allows you to rotate the display at 360 degrees.

  • Battery

Technology is developing so fast that you can’t even imagine. Every company is launching new models with the latest technology, which is insane. However, not all the update is beneficial for you. One of the examples is non-removable batteries. The non-removable batteries reduce the power span of your laptop.

So, prefer to buy Laptops with removable batteries. First, they give you more battery time and second you can replace them with more power pack as per your requirement.

  • Processors

Processing units are of high importance because the speed of your laptops depends on them. You will find many options in this regard. Some are Intel 11th Gen, Intel Core i9, Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i3, Intel Xeon, Intel Pentium/Celeron, Apple M1, and many more.

Now, this feature depends on for which purpose you need a laptop. Without any doubt, if you are buying a laptop for a high-end company, then you might need fast-running Laptops. If you are buying for a small business or educational purposes, you don’t need to spend more money. You need to know what you want to purchase that will save you a lot of money.

  • RAM   

Storage is a crucial feature to notice. If you say more than the speed of the laptop, then it wouldn’t be wrong. Some Laptops come with 32 GB and some with 64 GB. For personal use, it would be enough for you.

However, for business purposes, you might need to purchase storage drives. If you think that storage drives are out of your budget, you need to buy a laptop with insane internal storage.

  • Graphics 

Graphics for your Laptops are essential for many purposes. Suppose you are a photographer and need to edit images or videos, then you need high-end graphics. Poor graphics will increase your time and nothing else. Maybe you are someone who loves gaming. It wouldn’t be beneficial for you to play cheap pixel quality.

  • Touchpad

Make sure the touchpad is working suitably. It will be a total waste of money if the touchpad stops working after few months. You must buy Laptop from authentic sources. In the case of detachable laptops, the screen should be working with ease. Otherwise, it will be dead in a year and two. And your money will go in the dump.

  • Extended Warranty

Lastly, always purchase Laptops with an extended working warranty. It will bring you mental peace that you have made the right choice.

You will be amazed to know that Hp 14/15 series fits all the desirable characteristics inside it. Now, you know from which company you should buy let us give you a brief sight of the options available for you.

Popular Hp Laptops

The laptops which are in demand in the list of Hp 14/15 series are the following:

  1. HP 14 DQ1033CL Intel Core i5
  2. HP 15 DA2001NE Intel Core i5 10210U Processor 10th Generation 8GB RAM 15.6 Inch
  3. HP 15 DA2016TU Intel Core i5 10210U Processor 10th Generation 4GB RAM 15.6 Inch

HP Notebook Prices In Pakistan

The HP Laptops are available at a different range of prices. You can choose according to your budget. Some of you may find HP notebook prices in Pakistan a bit high. However, we suggest you spend in a one-time deal. It is because you can’t change your laptop now and then. After all, data shifting is pretty complicated.

Buy Online HP Notebooks In Pakistan.

If you are interested in purchasing a laptop online, then is the best option available for you.