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Dell XPS Laptop Prices In Pakistan:

Dell XPS may not be considered to be great at sweeping innovations but it understands well what customers expect of a Dell laptop. The company is well aware of the needs of the users and hence come up with the solutions and Dell machines accordingly. They may not amuse the users with perfect machines but everything that is almost perfect.

Following the same if we talk about the XPS series, the display of this series has been properly worked on. Your eyes will not deceive you but in fact you will be amused with 16:9 screen is not there anymore. Dell has shaved a chunk off the bottom as it has gone from 19.5mm to 4.6mm.

The Dell XPS top and the side bezels have been downsized. The company has claimed 91.5 percent screen to the body ratio. It is a lot of pixels. If we compare with the earlier one, it is million more than the 1080 panel of last year.

Positive features:    

  • It has sturdy and beautiful design
  • Standout touchpad and keyboard
  • 16:10 display which is bezel free
  • Integrated graphics handling gaming well

Negative features:

  • When there is load, keyboard gets hotter
  • Webcam is not very good
  • Port selection is really limited

Dell XPS laptop prices in Pakistan: Dell is charging premium for the machines of this XPS series. It would be true to say that you will have to pay a little more for it as compared to the competitors. However, you will be satisfied and feel the worth of paying for the XPS machine once you will start using it.

If you want to buy this Dell series but at the same time you want to get it done in a reasonable price, then you need to spend some time online and find a reasonable deal for you.

Where to find reasonable Dell XPS laptop prices in Pakistan?

The best way is to access virtual world for this purpose. You will find several online platforms amusing the users with deals of Dell laptops and you may get the one that will meet your requirements related to the  Business laptops. Within few clicks of a mouse you will find several platforms offering Dell XPS series in Pakistan. However, you need to ensure that you are buying from a reliable name like at-Reboot. Access their official site i.e. and you will be presented to a range of Dell laptops at reasonable prices. You may see and compare the prices and then make the final decision.