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Xbox, PlayStation, and Video Game Price in Pakistan

When it comes to gaming, the debate between Xbox and PlayStation has been ongoing for years, with enthusiasts on each side fiercely defending their preferred console. In Pakistan, the popularity of both Xbox and PlayStation consoles is evident, and gamers are always on the lookout for the latest titles to enhance their gaming experience. Let’s delve into the prices and features of some notable Xbox games available in the Pakistani market.

Microsoft Xbox Series S 512GB SSD 1440P Price in Pakistan

The Microsoft Xbox Series S has quickly become a favorite among gamers for its compact design and powerful performance. With a 512GB SSD and support for 1440P resolution, this console offers a smooth and immersive gaming experience. Priced competitively in Pakistan, the Microsoft Xbox Series S provides an affordable entry point for gamers looking to step into the next generation of gaming.

Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB 4K Blu-ray Price in Pakistan

For those seeking top-notch performance and stunning visuals, the Microsoft Xbox Series X is a powerhouse. With a 1TB storage capacity and 4K Blu-ray support, this console caters to the demands of avid gamers and media enthusiasts alike. Although it comes with a higher price tag compared to the Series S, the Microsoft Xbox Series X offers a premium gaming experience that’s worth the investment for many Pakistani gamers.

Dead or Alive Last Round Xbox One Price in Pakistan

Fighting game enthusiasts will appreciate “Dead or Alive Last Round” on the Xbox One. Known for its dynamic and visually impressive fighting mechanics, the game provides an engaging experience for players. In Pakistan, this title is a popular choice among those who enjoy intense one-on-one combat, and its price reflects the entertainment value it brings to the gaming community.

Far Cry Primal Xbox One Price in Pakistan

The “Far Cry” series has a reputation for delivering captivating open-world experiences, and “Far Cry Primal” is no exception. Set in the prehistoric era, this installment takes players on a journey through a lush and dangerous world. In Pakistan, the game’s price aligns with its immersive gameplay and high-quality graphics, making it a sought-after addition to the Xbox One library.

Resident Evil 6 Xbox One Price in Pakistan

Horror enthusiasts can rejoice with “Resident Evil 6” on the Xbox One. This installment in the iconic survival horror series continues the gripping narrative with intense action and terrifying encounters. Pakistani gamers looking for a heart-pounding experience will find the price of “Resident Evil 6” justifiable for the thrills it delivers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for Xbox One Price in Pakistan

The “Call of Duty” franchise remains a cornerstone of the gaming industry, and “Black Ops 4” continues the tradition of fast-paced multiplayer action. In Pakistan, the Xbox One version of the game is a popular choice for fans of the series, and its price reflects the value placed on the adrenaline-fueled combat and engaging online multiplayer modes.

WWE 2K19 for Xbox One Price in Pakistan

For wrestling enthusiasts, “WWE 2K19” on Xbox One brings the excitement of the squared circle to gaming consoles. With realistic graphics and a comprehensive roster of WWE superstars, the game offers a compelling experience for fans in Pakistan. The price of “WWE 2K19” is reasonable for those looking to step into the virtual ring and experience the drama of professional wrestling.

FIFA 20 Xbox One Video Game Price in Pakistan

Football fans worldwide appreciate the realism and precision of the FIFA series, and “FIFA 20” on Xbox One is no exception. In Pakistan, where football enjoys immense popularity, the game is a staple for sports gaming enthusiasts. The price of “FIFA 20” is justified by its authentic gameplay, updated rosters, and immersive footballing experience.

Need for Speed Heat Xbox One Price in Pakistan

The “Need for Speed” franchise has been a favorite among racing game enthusiasts, and “Need for Speed Heat” on Xbox One continues the tradition of high-speed thrills. In Pakistan, where racing games have a dedicated fan base, the price of “Need for Speed Heat” is in line with the excitement it brings to the virtual streets, offering an adrenaline-packed experience for gamers.