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Wacom is a brand of a Japanese company that manufactures graphic tablets and related products, was founded in 1983.

Wacom Products Series:

Pen Tablets:

With Wacom’s pen Tablets you may draw, sketch, and edit any image with a non-chargeable pen. The following models Wacom offers for pen Tablets:

Wacom Cintiq:

Based on HD & ergonomic design with vibrant color and creative pen.

Cintiq Pro:

With Cintiq Pro, you may transfer your imaginations and ideas into a digital screen with a magic pen. It is very comfortable and easy to use.

Cintiq Pro 16:

It enhances your creativity on screen and its express keys save your time.

Cintiq Pro 24:

It is based on creative pen technology with a 4K premium screen.

Cintiq Pro 32:

It is flexible, lightweight, and flex arms. Its big screen allows you more space to work.

Pen Computers:

On Pen Computers, you may express anything in written form on the screen. Wacom offers the following models of Pen Computers:

Wacom Intuos:

It offers free software which makes your work easy with the help of a light magical pen. It is based on the STUDIO PAINT PRO and FX optics of Boris.

One by Wacom:

This one is the best choice for students to prepare their assignments digitally in their own writing.

Wacom one:

It has various applications by which you may create anything digitally with pro pen technology.

Wacom Intuos Pro:

It is available in DIY sizes and you may use this with or without Bluetooth (4.2) connectivity.

Smart pad:

Wacom smart pad is a professional pad with a creative pen.

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro:

It fulfills all professional needs. By this, you may use different texture sheets with amazing expressive keys.


The stylus is the pens of Wacom by which you may create anything. The following models of Wacom’s stylus are available:

  • Bamboo Tip.
  • Bamboo Fine line.
  • Bamboo Sketch.
  • Bamboo Ink.
  • Bamboo Alpha.
  • Bamboo Ink plus.

Wacom is famous for its amazing tablets all over the world. In Pakistan, its stylus, Pen tablets, and Pen Computers’ popularity is increasing day by day.