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Optoma is a worldwide company established in 2002. It is related to the electronic industry and its products are manufactured in china.

Optoma Product Series:

  • Projectors for working.
  • Projectors for home users.
  • Lamp fewer projectors.
  • Pro scene solutions.

Projectors for working:

Optoma working projectors are targeted to fulfill the needs of the business and education sectors. These projects are easy to install, budget-friendly & have various ways of connectivity. In this category main projectors models areas:


Based on brilliant color imaging technology of 2Gen with 3000 ANSI Lumens brightness.


It is based on a Kensington lock and advanced security bar.


It is available with Wi-Fi & LAN display and split-screen function.


This one consists of 10-watt powerful speakers and flexible 1.1x zoom installations.


It is based on an RS-232C powerful USB with 3400 Lumens and a 20000:1 contrast ratio.

Besides the above mentioned Optoma’s new models areas:

  • ZX300.
  • CW308ST.
  • ZW350.
  • SA34S.
  • S334.
  • X343.
  • CX308ST.
  • S343E.
  • S322.
  • PW335.
  • W335.
  • X308ST.
  • W308ST.
  • W318ST.

Projectors For Home Users:

Home Cinema Projectors Series


Available with vertical lens shifting,4k UHD resolution, and 2x4w speakers.


It is based on pure motion frame interpolation with an easy installation system.


It consists of doloy 5.1, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and 8.3 million pixels on the screen.

In this category new models are as:

  • UHD51-W.
  • UH551A-W.
  • UHL55.
  • YHD55.

Home Entertainment Projectors Series


It is based on Rec.709 accurate colors with 12000 hours of lamp life.


It is available with Dual HDMI ports, full 3D Mode, and 10 phase volume control.


It has consisted of 3400 ANSI Lumens, Dual HDMI ports, and 1920x 1080 full HD.


Available in dynamic black technology with ANSI Lumens.


It has 3600 Lumens brightness with various digital devices connectivity systems. In this range Optoma’s new models are as:

  • HD30UST.
  • HD29H.

Lamp fewer Projectors:

It has consisted of two categories:

For Home Users:

The following models are available for home users:

  • LV130.
  • ML330-GY.
  • UHL55.
  • LH150.
  • ML1050ST+.
  • UHZ65.

For Working:

For working Optoma’s following lamp less projectors models are available:

  • ML330-GY.
  • ML1050ST+.
  • LV130.
  • LH150.
  • ZH400UST.
  • ZH420UST.

Pro Scene Series Of Projectors:

Optoma’s these projectors series is available with multiple Pro Av applications, is easy to install, and has flexibility and reliability. Its new models are as:

  • EH512.
  • ZW506.
  • ZW305.
  • ZU506.
  • ZH507.
  • XH506T.
  • ZX300.
  • ZU750.
  • ZU660.
  • ZH403.
  • ZW403.
  • ZU506T.
  • ZU1050.


In Pakistan Optoma home cinema projectors’ series is very famous.