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Oppo is a Chinese state-owned company founded in 2004 by Tony Chen. It is worldwide dealing in mobile phones and consumer electronic products.

Oppo Products Series:

Oppo smartphones:

In the smartphones category Oppo launched the following series:

  • A series.
  • F series
  • Find X series
  • Reno series.

A Series:

In A series Oppo produces the following models with different exciting features:

Oppo A 11K:

Consists of a large display with 4230 mAh battery power, and a stunning 13MP dual rear camera.

Oppo A 12:

It has a 15.79 cm waterdrop screen with an amazing 3D diamond blaze design, and a long-life battery.

Oppo A 15:

Oppo A15 is available with a unique design, AI triple camera, and large screen.

Oppo A 15S:

It is the latest version of Oppo A 15 with a large screen, sleek design, and more storage functions.

Oppo A 16:

Oppo A 16 has an eye-catching display with an AI triple camera and 5000 mAh battery power.

Oppo A 16e:

Oppo A 16e is available in a 3D sleek design with a long-life battery and HD display.

Oppo A 16K:

It is based on a 13MP camera with color OD 11.1.

Oppo A 52:

Available with AI Quad camera, long-life battery, and Neo display of 1080P.

Oppo A 53:

Its main feature is an 18w fast charger with an AI selfie 16MP camera, and Neo displays with 90Hz.

Oppo A 54:

Oppo A 54 is the advanced version of Oppo A 53 with a superb 128GB ROM.

Oppo A 76:

It consists of a punch hole color-rich display with a long-life battery and a 33w SuperVooc.

Oppo A 95:

Oppo A 95 is available with Oppo Glow design, long battery power, and 8GB+5GB RAM.

Oppo A 96:

Consisted of 5000 mAh battery power with 33w SuperVooc and 16.73cm screen.

F Series:

In F series Oppo launched four models:

Oppo F15:

Consisted of a 29w Vooc flash charger and a high-quality Quad camera of 48MP.

Oppo F17 Pro:

Oppo F17 Pro is ultra-light weighted with a 3.7 mm mini pinch whole and ultra-slim design.

Oppo F19:

It is available in an extra slim design with AI 48MP triple camera, 128GB ROM, and 6GB RAM.

Oppo F19 Pro:

It is the latest version of Oppo F19 with 30w Vooc flash charge, dual view video, and portrait video with AI color.

Find X Series:

In this series, Oppo finds X2 Pro is at with dust and water resistance, 6.7-inch screen, QHD+resolution, and 240Hz touch sampling rate.

Reno Series:

Oppo Reno series is available in the following nine models:

Oppo Reno 2F:

Based on a 48MP Quad camera with a 2MP mono lens, 13MP telephoto lens, and wide-angle lens of 8MP.

Oppo Reno 3:

It is based on a front camera, long-life battery, and 48MP zoom Quad camera.

Oppo Reno 3 Pro:

It is available in a high-quality zoom Quad camera of 64MP and a dual punch hole camera.

Oppo Reno 4:

Consisted of 960fps slow-motion playback system, smart sensors, and a smart air control system.

Oppo Reno 4 Pro:

It is the latest version of Oppo Reno 4 with 6500 Vooc charges and a borderless sense screen with 90Hz.

Oppo Reno 5:

This one consists of dual image video, AI highlights video and 59w flash charger.

Oppo Reno 5 Pro:

Consisted of live HDR ultra night video mode and a 3D borderless sense screen.

Oppo Reno 6:

It produces AI highlighted videos, has, a 50w flash charge, and is available in Oppo Glow+ ultra-slim design.

Oppo Reno 6 Pro:

It is an advanced version of Oppo Reno 6 with a 2MP macro, 64MP main, 2MP mono, 8MP ultra-wide angle, and 44MP selfie camera.

Oppo Audio Series:

In audio-related products Oppo offers the following products:

  • Oppo Enco Free.
  • Oppo Enco Buds.
  • Oppo Enco Air.
  • Oppo Enco W11.
  • Oppo Enco W31.
  • Oppo Enco W51.

Oppo Wearables:

In this category Oppo offers two products:

  • Oppo watch.
  • Oppo Band Style.


Oppo is a fast-growing company, especially in manufacturing smartphones. In Pakistan it’s A series like A12, A15, A16, A54, etc. is the most demanding.