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NEC is a Japanese-based electronic and IT corporation. It serves worldwide and was founded by Kunihiko Iwadare in 1899.

Main Products Series of NEC:

Displays OR LED TVs:

Entry-Level Large Format Displays:

Multisync E325:

It is the best choice for educational purposes available in 31.5, 42, 50, and 58-inch displays with LED backlights.

Multisync E585:

It has a 58-inch display with a 19×1080 resolution.

Multisync E327:

It had 4K UHD commercial-grade LCDs with 5W speakers.

Multisync E6570:

It is available with a 65-inch display, 3840×2160 resolution, and supports HDR 10 signal inputs.

Other models’ names in this category are as mentioned below.

  • Multisync E651-T.
  • Multisync E425.
  • Multisync E505.
  • Multisync E326.
  • Multisync E436.
  • Multisync E437Q.
  • Multisync E506.
  • Multisync E507Q.
  • Multisync E556.
  • Multisync E557Q.
  • Multisync E656.
  • Multisync E657Q.
  • Multisync E705.
  • Multisync E805.
  • Multisync E905.

Value Large Format Displays:

Multisync C651Q:

It is available with 3840×2160 resolution, a 65-inch display, and 400cd/m^2 brightness.

Multisync V652:

It has a white LED backlight with low power, 1920×1080 pixels, and a 65-inch large display.

Multisync V654Q:

It is also available in a 65-inch large display with 3840×2160 resolution.

Other models of Value Large Format Displays are as below:

  • Multisync V404-T.
  • Multisync V423-™.
  • Multisync V463-™.
  • Multisync V484-T.
  • Multisync V552-™.
  • Multisync V554-T.
  • Multisync V652-™.
  • Multisync V801-™.
  • Multisync V323-2.
  • Multisync V323-3.
  • Multisync V404.
  • Multisync V423.
  • Multisync V463.
  • Multisync V484.
  • Multisync V552.
  • Multisync V554.
  • Multisync V554Q.
  • Multisync V754Q.
  • Multisync V801.
  • Multisync V864Q.
  • Multisync V984Q.
  • Multisync C431.
  • Multisync C551.
  • Multisync C501.
  • Multisync C751Q.
  • Multisync C681Q.
  • Multisync C981Q.

Professional Large Format Displays:

These displays are high-end solutions, present real, and perfect images. The name of professional large format display models mentioned below:

  • Multisync P403.
  • Multisync P404.
  • Multisync P463.
  • Multisync P484.
  • Multisync P553.
  • Multisync P554.
  • Multisync P703.
  • Multisync P654Q.
  • Multisync P754Q.
  • Multisync P801.

Video Wall Displays:

The following models are available under this category:

  • Multisync X464UNV.
  • Multisync X64UNV-3.
  • Multisync X464UN.
  • Multisync X464UNS.
  • Multisync X464UNS-2.
  • Multisync X554UNV.
  • Multisync X554UNV-2.
  • Multisync X554UN.
  • Multisync X554UNS.
  • Multisync X554UNS-2.
  • Multisync X555UNV.
  • Multisync X555UNS.
  • Multisync UN551VS.
  • Multisync UN551S.
  • Multisync UN462VA.
  • Multisync UN462A.
  • Multisync UN492VS.
  • Multisync UN492S.
  • Multisync UX552.
  • Multisync UX552S.
  • Multisync UN552A.
  • Multisync UN552V.
  • Multisync UN552.
  • Multisync UN552VS.
  • Multisync UN552S.

Besides the above-mentioned products NEC offers a lot of other models under Ultra High Definition Large Format Displays, High Brightness Large Format Displays, and Collaboration series.


NEC projectors are very famous due to their reliability, latest RB laser light source, high brightness, wide color gamut, and high-resolution power.

NEC offers a lot of models under the following categories:

  • Ultra-short focal.
  • Micro and ultra-portable.
  • Portable.
  • Installation
  • Non-current products.

NEC Projectors’ Lens:

NEC Projectors’ Lens is based on high quality and the latest technology. These lenses are also replaceable. The famous models of NEC Projectors’ Lens are mentioned below:

  • NEC NP14ZL 2.98-4.77:1 zoom lens.
  • NEC NP12ZL 1.18-1.54:1 zoom lens.
  • NEC NP11FL 0.8:1 fixed short throw projector lens.
  • NEC NP18ZL-4K standard throw zoom lens, 1.73-2.27:1.
  • NEC NP18ZL 1.73-2.27:1 standard throw zoom lens.
  • NEC L2K-30ZM 2.71-3.89:1 zoom lens (lenses shift).

NEC offers a wide range of products and services. In Pakistan its displays and projectors are very famous.