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Microsoft is an American-based company founded in 1975 by Bill Gates & Paul Allen. It deals in consumer electronic products, PCs, computer software, and its related services.

Microsoft Products Series:

PCs & Devices:

Surface Pro 8:

Microsoft’s Surface 8 Pro is available with a 5.0 MP front-facing camera, facial recognition, dual studio mics, and 10MP rear-facing camera. It is based on Windows 11 OS, has 18 hours of battery life, and a high-speed connection with two thunderbolts and 4 ports.

Surface Laptop Studio:

It consists of studio, stage pen, and laptop mode with amazing windows Helio function and has thunderbolt 4/USB 4.0.

It charges wirelessly and you may use it instantly anywhere with Gigabit 4G.

Surface Go 3:

It is based on Windows 11 with a portable touch screen, 11 hours of battery power, a surface mobile mouse, a surface pen, and a 1080P HD camera.

Surface Duo 2:

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 is an amazing choice. It has a double screen with 5G power, a Sim card tray, stereo audio, a fingerprint power button, and a bigger high-resolution display.

Surface Pro 7+:

It has consisted of Windows 11 with surface signature type cover, surface pen, rick stand, ultra-light, 11 Gen Intel Core processor, and 15 hours battery life.


Microsoft developed amazing products for the promotion of education. In this category its top products as:

  • Microsoft 365 education.
  • Surface laptop SE.
  • Windows 11.
  • Windows 11 SE.

Educational Devices:

The following products are available in this category with Microsoft power:

  • Spin B3 Windows 11 SE.
  • Lenovo 10w.
  • Lenovo 100w Gen 3 Windows 11 SE.
  • Asus BR1100 C Windows 11 SE.
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Go.
  • HP ProBook Forlis 14 G9 Windows 11 SE.
  • Dell Latitude 3120 Windows 11 SE.


In this category following solutions are available by Microsoft:

Microsoft 365:

It is an amazing business solution for businessmen. It consists of teamwork and communication, managing business tools, device management, advanced security, files storage and sharing, email and calendar, and other latest features.

Dynamic 365:

Dynamic 365 is your business collaboration partner that gives you the freedom to share data in sequence. It is developed to work together for achieving business goals.

Microsoft Cloud:

Microsoft’s cloud is based on T mobile. It brings results fastly to achieve business goals.


Microsoft is a well-known brand all over the world. In Pakistan, its PCs and software are in demand.