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Merlin Digital is a Dubai-based company founded in 1998. It deals in electronic consumer products.

Merlin Products Series:

Robotics & Drones:

Merlin Telebot Mini:

It is a tiny robot for smartphones and the best for home security and entertainment purposes. Telebot Mini has exchangeable phone connectors, a USB interface, and a magnetic sticker.

Merlin Telebot:

This robot is based on a remote control with real-time video chat, automatic docking, and auto answering.

Merlin Sorcerer Ball:

It is a flying ball with a fully resistant powerful engine, colorful LED light, double fans, precise flight control, and a USB charger port. By this, you may play, team up, and create games. It is suitable for all ages, especially for children.

6-In-1 DIY Educational Solar Robot Kit:

It is a great learning tool for children with solar power.

6-In-1 DIY Educational Solar Toy Kit:

This amazing toy is available in six different models and is the best learning choice with fun for your kids.

Mini Quadcopter UAV:

It is a lightweight drone with an aerodynamic design, high capacity battery, built-in high-quality camera, and controlled by radio frequency with a range of 80 feet.

Nano Quadcopter:

Nano Quadcopter is the world’s tiniest quadcopter with a protective casing, flies indoors and outdoors, and has great speed with stability.


Cube Mini Smart HD:

This projector has 240-inch projection with HD quality, built-in Android OS, 2 hours of battery power, and other amazing features.

3D Pocket Beam Pro:

This one is the best choice for personal cinemas. It has a 2000 Lumen RGB LED lamp, auto keystone correction, built-in 7800 mAh, and high-speed USB 3.0.

Cube Projector:

Merlin’s cube Projector is available with 300 ANSI Lumens, RGB LED OSRAM, Android OS, and other latest features.

Speakers & Headphones:

In this category, Merlin manufactures a lot of models of speakers and headphones. The famous ones as:

  • Karaoke Master.
  • Roller Beatz party edition.
  • Muze.
  • Sonic M Activ.
  • Sonic Air.
  • Merlin Pad Mate.
  • Uni Talk.
  • Pamu Slide Two headphones Black
  • Aquatrax z.
  • Helius soundbox
  • Timber Tunes.
  • Sky Sung.

Crafts Airpods:

Merlin’s Airpods are amazing with comfort, flexibility, noise cancellation, and adaptive EQ. These Airpods are available in different colors and models like:

  • Apple Airpods pro metallic pink
  • Apple Airpods pro-Gunmetal Matte.
  • Apple Airpods pro yellow Glossy etc

Smartphone Tech:

The main smartphone tech series of Merlin as:

  • Mobi Desk.
  • Sketch Pad X.
  • iPhone Audio Adapter.
  • I clip 360°.
  • Flash Pod.

Besides the above-mentioned series of products, Merlin offers a lot of products in fitness tech, power banks, and chargers categories.


In Pakistan Merlin’s robots, projectors, drones, and fitness tech are very popular.