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Lenovo is a worldwide Chinese – American technology company. It was founded by Liu Chaunzhi in Beijing in 1948. It deals with purchaser electronic products, personal computers, software, and business solutions-related services. Lenovo is not only the manufacturer but also the designer and marketing services provider.

Lenovo Products Series:

Personal & Business Computers:


ThinkPad is a series of Lenovo laptop computers. These are lightweight, durable, and based on carbon fiber technology.

Think center:

Think center is a series of business-oriented desktop computers. This Think Center series is built on mid to high-end processors, multi-monitor support, and discrete graphic cards.


Lenovo’s Ideapad is a series of consumer-oriented laptop computers.

Horizon Tablet PC:

It is based on a 27-inch touch screen for multiple users with the windows 8 operating system.

PCs & Tablets Models:

For work;

  • ThinkPad X 1 extreme Gen 4 ( 16, Intel)

For Home:

  • Ideapad flex 5 (15, AMD).

For Gaming:

  • Legion 7i Gen6 (160 Intel).
  • Legion slim 7 Gen 6 (AMD).

Think Vision Displays:

Think Vision Displays are Lenovo’s high-end monitors. In this series two models are available:

  • X1.
  • X24.

These monitors are based on exciting features like:

  • Support charging laptops.
  • HDMI 2.0 ports.
  • Dual array microphones.
  • 3 – Watt stereo speakers.

Ideal Center:

This series is based on all-in-one machines that have processors and monitors in a single unit. The models of Ideal Center desktops are as mentioned below:

  • A 320.
  • A 720.
  • B 320.
  • B 520.
  • C 205.

Think Stations:

These are Lenovo’s workstations developed for high-end computers.

Think Servers:

Lenovo’s ThinkpServers are based on IBM’s x series technology and are available in single and double sockets.

Smart Televisions:

In 2014 Lenovo launched its smart television with exciting features. It also launched its S9 smart TV in March 2014.

Smart Band:

In October 2014 Lenovo launched its smart band. This smart band has 7-day battery life, a heart rate monitor, incoming text and call notifications, and other exciting features.

Gaming Series:

Lenovo’s gaming series are as Mentioned below:

  • Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 – AMD Ryzen 5600H.
  • Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 – Tiger Lake 11th generation.
  • Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 – AMD Ryzen 75800H.

Smart Devices:

For Home:

Famous home smart Devices as:

  • Think smart core full Ron kit t.
  • Think smart core full Ron kit z.
  • Think smart edition tiny.
  • Think smart core + controller kit z.

For Office:

The main smart Devices of Lenovo for office users as:

  • Think smart Manager.
  • Think smart view team display.
  • Think smart view for zoom.
  • Think smart cam and bar.


Lenovo’s popular smartphones series as:

  • Moto e 20.
  • Moto e 40.
  • Moto g 515g.
  • Moto g 60s.
  • Moto g 20.
  • Motorola Edge 3D pro.
  • Motorola Edge 30 pro.
  • Motorola Edge 20 pro.
  • Motorola Edge 20 Lite.

In Pakistan Lenovo’s smartphones series are in demand.