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Jabra Stereo Headset Price in Pakistan

Jabra is one of the leading audio brands that has been providing high quality audio solutions for decades. The Jabra stereo headset is one of the best audio products that the company has to offer. With its superior sound quality and comfortable design, the Jabra stereo headset is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable audio solution.

The Jabra stereo headset is available in various models and price ranges. The prices range from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000 depending on the features included. All the models of the Jabra stereo headset come with a comfortable design and superior sound quality. The headsets also come with a noise-cancelling feature and are compatible with most phones and audio devices.

The Jabra stereo headset is one of the best audio solutions available in the market. It offers great sound quality, comfortable design and a reasonable price tag. Moreover, the Jabra stereo headset is also available in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to find the perfect one for your tastes.

Jabra Products Series:

Jabra’s main products series are mentioned below:

Jabra’s Headsets for Office:

In this category, Jabra offers headsets that are wireless, corded, and have true wireless earbuds which give you the freedom to receive calls, enjoy music, and do sports activities.

Wireless Stereo Headphones:

These headphones are the best for home users or for personal use.

Sport Headphones:

Jabra’s sports headphones are for those who like sports activities and want to use headphones during sports. These headphones are sweat and dust resistant and keep fixed and comfortable in your ears.

Call Center Headsets:

Call center headsets are very comfortable and adjustable. These headsets have noise cancellation features.

Warehouse Headsets:

These headsets are suitable for those who perform the tasks as a distributor or are involved in warehouse activities. These give you the freedom to do work with ease.

Bluetooth Mono Headsets:

Jabra’s headsets are based on a single ear with factor mode for callings.

Trucking & Fleet Headsets:

Jabra designed these headsets for those who spent a lot of time on the roads to perform their jobs.


Jabra in this category designed two types of speakerphones:

  • Speakerphones for office users.
  • Speakerphones for car users.

Hearing Products:

Jabra Evolve 275:

This one is suitable for those who are engaged in hybrid working and industry-leading callings. It is based on Jabra’s

Multi-sensor voice feature.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro:

It is comfortable and fixed with noise cancellation, multi-sensors for the best calling, and is rainproof.

Jabra Speak 710:

Jabra Speak 710 are professional portable speakerphones that are the best for conference calls. These speakerphones are available with superior sound quality and are suitable for 6 people conferences.

Jabra’s Solutions:

For Business Purposes Software’s & Services:

Jabra’s software and related services help in deploying and managing the headsets.

Contact Center:

It helps in improving business agent’s and customers’ experiences

Unified Communication:

It is Jabra’s device to provide services for supporting UC platforms.

For Different Industries:

Health Care:

Jabra offers collaboration devices that ensure better care and health services.


For the education sector, Jabra offers devices that are based on flexible technology which assists in virtual learning.


In this category, Jabra offers special approved devices which are helpful to increase economic productivity.

Jabra is a brand that is famous for its headsets and headphones all over the world and is also a demanding brand in Pakistan by headphones and headsets users.