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Hspracing is a Chinese-based company. It manufactures ⅕ scale, ⅛ scale, 1/10 scale, 1/14 scale Nitro powered racing cars, and ⅛ scale, 1/10 scale, 1/14 scale, and 1/24 scale Electric racing cars. Besides this, it also makes related tools, parts, and accessories.

Hspracing Main Products Series:

In the Nitro powered and electric powered Hspracing Company through different scales offers the following:

Nitro Powered:

  • On-road Truggy.
  • Off-road ad Truck.
  • On – racing Car.
  • Off-road Buggy.
  • Off-road ATV.

Electric Powered:

  • Off-road Crawler.
  • On-road Racing Car.
  • Off-road ATV.
  • Off-road Truck.
  • Off-road Buggy.
  • Off-road Truggy.
  • Off-road Short Course.
  • Off-road Rally Car.

Famous models of Hsp racing’s company cars are as:

1/5 Scale Brushless Power Off-Road Buggy:

It has a four-wheel system, 3700mAh LiPo battery, 4mm aluminum 6061T6 chassis, and 750mm length.

1/8 Scale Electric Powered Off-Road Climbing Wecker:

It has an Rc540 motor, 82mm wheel width, 3000mAh battery power, and 225mm height.

1/10 Scale Nitro Off-Road Buggy Single Speed:

This one has a 15/16 cxp engine level with a large 75cc leak-proof fuel tank, and a four-wheel-drive system.

1/16 Scale Nitro Off-Road Truggy:

This is available with a 14.1:1 gear ratio, 88mm height, 45 cc fuel tank, and 5/6/7 cxp engine level.

1/18 Scale 4WD Electric Power On-Road Car:

It has 3mm ground clearance, 112mm width, 245mm length, and Rc 370 motor.

1/18 4WD Electric Power R/C Desert SCT:

This one has a pre-pre-painted body, based on less consuming power, Radio PCB, and Rc 370 motor.

1/24 Scale RC Electric Powered Monster Truck:

It has 220mAh battery power, 110mm wheelbase, oil-bearing, and 165mm length.

Some other famous models are as:

  • 1/24 scale RC Electric powered Rally car.
  • 1/18 4WD Electric powered R/C Sport Rally Racing.
  • 1/18 4WD Electric powered R/C Trophy Truck.
  • 1/18 scale 4WD Electric powered off-road Buggy.
  • 1/18 4WD Electric powered R/C Dune Sand Rail Buggy.

The passion for racing cars is increasing among Pakistanis so sales of racing cars are increasing. Hspracing is a worldwide manufacturer of racing cars of different scales and it is famous due to its quality. In Pakistan its 16, 18, and 24 scale racing different products are famous.