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Hewlett-Packard or HP is the oldest worldwide company established in 1939. HP was founded by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. It is related to the computer hardware and software industry and also provides IT consulting and IT services. Since November 1, 2015, HP has been operating as HP incorporation. It is dealing in PCs and printers and Hewlett Packard enterprise is dealing in server, storage, and networking business.


HP Products Series:

  • HP Printers.
  • HP PCs.

HP Printers:

  • HP + smart printing.
  • HP Envy printers.
  • Officejet pro printers.
  • LaserJet printers.
  • Professional office printers.
  • Large-format printers.


HP + smart printing:

It is based on advanced technology and requires an HP account and net connection. By using original HP Ink you can print anything anywhere from any device or any app.

HP Envy printers:

With these amazing printers, you can print anything, especially your office or school documentation.

OfficeJet Pro printers:

OfficeJet Pro printers are made to fulfill small businesses’ needs and are also suitable for home users.

LaserJet printers:

HP’s LaserJet printers and LaserJet printers pro are the best choices for home-based offices and for individuals in a home. Its famous model is HP LaserJet Pro M20w has page volumes of up to 1000 pages per month.

Professional office printers:

HP’s professional office printers are based on the latest technology and features which a professional business needs.

Large format printers:

These large format printers are designed for technical drawings. These printers have high-impact graphics maps and give professional high-quality photo prints.


  • HP premium.
  • HP PCs for schools.
  • HP Gaming PCs.
  • HP PCs for business.
  • HP creative pros.
  • HP PCs for everyday use.

HP premium:

HP’s premium PCs and laptops are based on a 360° touch screen, robust privacy features, and other latest features.

HP PCs for schools:

In this category, HP offers Pavilion 2 in one PCs and laptops with long-life batteries and high-quality audio & video features.

HP Gaming PCs:

HP’s OMEN Gaming series is amazing; its OMEN 15(AMD) Gaming series is available with a fast AMD processor, 12.8 hours of battery life, 144Hz display, and NVIDIA Graphics.

HP PCs for business:

In HP’s business series Intel laptops, AMD laptops, Elite desktops, and all-in-one PCs, Elite convertibles & detachable, and other collaboration products are available that fulfill all business needs.

HP Creative pros:

In this category, HP’s Z series workstations are available with 3D animation and great visual effects.

HP PCs for everyday use:

In this HP’s everyday category HP Envy laptop is available with a 4k ultra HD display, multi-core processor, and NVIDIA MX450 graphics.


In Pakistan HP PCs and gaming series are the most demanding.