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Epson is a worldwide printer manufacturer. It produces all types of printers for different classes. Epson was founded in 1942.


Epson Products Series:

  • Epson’s printers for the working place.
  • Epson’s printers for home users.
  • Epson’s printer accessories.

Epson’s printers for working place:

Workforce printers:

It is a high-performance business printers

Workforce Pro printers:

Printers are necessary for the working of offices, educational institutions, and other fields. These workforce printers are cost-effective and give ultra-high printing results.

Disc producing printers:

These printers are based on disc publishing and printing. These are affordable and easy to use.

Impact Dot-Matrix printers:

Epson’s Impact Dot-Matrix printers are easily integrated and work in multiple formats.

Pro imaging printers:

These imaging printers print beautiful and clear images and give the real look to your images.

Label printers and presses:

In businesses, we need to print logos and labels and this task is costly but Epson’s printers’ and presses made this task easy. These printers are the best solution for printing business labels at a reduced cost.

Point of sale printers:

Epson’s point-on-sale printers are amazing and have the latest features. These printers are easy to use and based on value-added and robust functions.


Epson’s printers for home users:

Expression printers:

These printers run both in Windows and Mac operating systems. Epson’s these printers provide all features in one printer.

Sure color P-series printers:

These printers are the best choice for photography and have amazing photographic features for printing.

Picture Mate printers:

Now you may take print your images instantly anywhere without waiting for a long time. Epson’s picture Mate printers print instant professional images without using a computer.


Epson’s Printers Accessories:

Epson’s printer accessories are based on printers’ ink, papers, cables, software, and other printer-related accessories.


In Pakistan Epson’s printers’ models I3110, I3150, and Epson’s printers’ software are very famous.