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“Da-Jiang Innovations” or DJI is a worldwide Chinese-based technology company founded by Frank Wang in 2006.

It has excelled in manufacturing drones as of March 2020 it covered 70 percent of the world drone market. Besides this, it deals in different kinds of cameras, camera stabilizers, Aerial photography products, videography products, flight control systems, and robots.

DJI Products Series:

DJI’s main products series as:

  • DJI Flight systems.
  • DJI Camera Stabilizers.
  • DJI Flame Wheel.
  • DJI Mavic.
  • DJI phantom.
  • DJI Spreading Wings.
  • DJI Inspire.
  • DJI Zenmuse Gimbal Cameras.
  • DJI Educational Robots.

DJI Flight Systems:

DJI Flight systems have amazing features, especially landing and home return features. Besides this, it includes LED indicators, Bluetooth connectivity, a number of motors supported, GPS-Compass, built-in receivers, and many other exciting features.

DJI Camera Stabilizers:

In this category, DJI’s Ronin is a stand-alone ground-based camera platform that is developed for cinematography and aerial filmmaking for professionals. Ronin series is based on:

  • Ronin-S.
  • Ronin-SC.
  • Ronin-4D.
  • Ronin-M.
  • Ronin-Z.

DJI Flame Wheel:

DJI’s Flame Wheel is a platform for aerial photography. It is available in three models as:

  • Flame Wheel F330.
  • Flame Wheel F450.
  • Flame Wheel F550.

DJI Mavic:

DJI Mavic series depends on the various models like Mavic pro, Mavic air, Mavic air 2, Mavic 2 pro, Mavic 2 zoom, Mavic 3, Mavic 3 cine, Mavic mini, Mavic mini 2 etc. This series includes maximum speed, temperature controller, and range controller.

DJI Phantom:

It is an integrated flight platform with WiFi, a camera, and the pilot’s mobile device. It also has various models. DJI’s Phantom latest models are Phantom 4pro, Phantom 4 Advanced, and Phantom 4 Pro 2.0.

DJI Spreading Wings:

DJI’s Spreading Wings is a series for professional aerial photography with 3D mapping, and ultra-high search and rescue made. It is available in 4 models Spreading Wings S 800, Spreading Wings S 800 Evo, Spreading Wings S 900, and Spreading Wings S 1000.

DJI Zenmuse Gimbal Cameras:

It is an amazing series of DJI with interchangeable 4 prime DJI DL-mount lenses and a three-axis gimbal.

DJI Educational Robots:

DJI’s educational Robots are based on two series Robo Master S1 and Robo Master EP. S1 series is based on MS Windows, Apple iOS, and Android mobile devices. It is the best advanced educational robot. EP series supports more than twenty 3rd party sensors and open-source hardware.

In Pakistan, the use of drones in various fields is increasing day by day and DJI’s Mavic series like Mavic 2, Mavic air 2, and Mavic mini are the most popular.