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Autel is a worldwide company famous for producing drones. It is a technologically U.S based company but owned by Autel intelligent technology in China. Autel was founded in 2014 and started its journey to launch its X-star series then Evo series.


Autel Products Series:

  • X- Star.
  • Evo 1 series.
  • Evo 2 series.
  • Evo Nano series.
  • Evo Lite series.


X-star is the first drone of Autel Company. This iconic drone is familiar with the DJI Phantom line and has other exciting features.

X-star premium:

The X-star premium is now available in the WiFi version. It has a 12Mp camera with an effective range of half a mile.

Evo Series:

Autel’s Evo series is the addition of a 4k decent camera with a folding design, solid connectivity, and more flight time.

Evo 1 Series:

Evo 1 series consist of an HDMI receiver with an effective camera and a new good design.

Evo 2 series:

With the same airframes as the Evo 1 series, the Evo 2 series has three versions. The amazing feature of the Evo 2 series is that you may record videos up to 8k. It has the best flight time. Evo 2 pro is the latest version of this series.

Evo Nano Series:

Autel’s Evo is ultra-smooth with an RYYB sensor, PDAF+CDAF, autofocus system, 2.44 pixel and has an aperture of f/1.9 which reduces the noise. It is just like a smartphone.

Evo Lite Series:

Evo Lite is the first 4-axis Gimbal design with a 50MP camera, 4k HD, and PDAF+CDAF autofocus system in different colors and designs. It is light weighted, has to defog mode, less noise, and gives the best result not only in the daylight but also in the darkness of night. Evo lite plus is the latest version of this series.


Autel technology provides professional drones with amazing features at reasonable prices. Due to Autel’s drones’ best features and cost-effectiveness, its Evo and Nano series are in demand in Pakistan.