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Apple incorporation is the symbol of trust and satisfaction among customers and includes in the top 5 American IT incorporations. Apple was founded on 1 April 1976 in Los Altos, California, the United States by Steve Jobs, Steve Zoniak, and Ronald Wayne. In January 2021 Apple became the 4th largest personal computers vendor and the 2nd largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Apple provides consumers with electronic products, software products, and online services. It is the fame and reliability of the Apple brand that it has worldwide 517 retail stores.




Basically Apple deals in seven mega products:

  • iPhone
  • iPads
  • Air pods.
  • Macintosh computers or Macs.
  • Televisions
  • Watches
  • Home pods.

Besides the above products, Apple also offers accessories for its Macintosh computers like Magic keyboards, Magic Track boards, Magic Mouses, Studio Displays, and Pro Displays XDR.


APPLE’s iPhones:

Apple’s iPhones have all exciting features with a great display, quality, sound, storage, long live battery, and design. Recently Apple iPhones series available in the following models.

  • Apple iPhone 11.
  • Apple iPhone 12.
  • Apple iPhone 13.
  • Apple iPhone 13 pro.
  • Apple iPhone SE (3rd generation).

APPLE’s IPads:

Apple’s iPads are tablet computers with big screens, multi-touch user interfaces, multimedia formats, and most existing iPhone apps. The following four models of Apple’s iPad are available:

  • Apple iPad pro (5th generation).
  • Apple iPad Air (5th generation).
  • Apple iPad mini (6th generation).
  • Apple iPad (9th generation).


Air pods are wireless headphones. Apple’s Air pods are famous for their exciting features which attract customers. In this Apple series there are three models available:

Apple second-generation Air pod: It is flexible to the ear and has good sound quality with quick connectivity.

Apple third-generation Air pod: It has better sound quality and long live battery.

Apple Air pod pro: It has a new addition of noise cancellation options with all other features.

Apple Air pod Max: It is the latest version with the best high-quality sound, active noise cancellation option, soft ear cups, and all other better features than Apple’s other Air pods.


Apple in its Mac computers series offers the following models:

  • Apple iMac: it is all in one desktop computer.
  • Apple Mac mini: it is a sub-desktop computer.
  • Apple MacBook pro: it is a notebook for professionals.
  • Apple Mac pro: it is a workstation for professionals.
  • Apple MacBook Air: it is an ultra-thin notebook.
  • Apple Mac Studio: it is a small form factor workstation for professionals.


With Apple’s high digital TV and ultra-high digital TV, consumers may enjoy the video, music, and pods casting streaming, casting, and mirroring, display photos on TV, and may download games and other apps from the TV android system. Apple has the following TVS product series:

  • Apple first-generation TV or Apple TV.
  • Apple second generation TV.
  • Apple third-generation TV.
  • Apple fourth-generation TV.
  • Apple 4k first-generation TV.
  • Apple 4k second generation TV.


If we say that the world is on our wrists then it won’t be wrong because Apple’s smartwatches 1 to 7 series have amazing features. With Apple watches we may text, call, video call, listen to music, watch videos, use thousands of apps, ask for directions, instruct home devices, translate any language, unlock  Mac, and also available in different colors and designs.

In Apple 7 series blood oxygen app and ECG app is also available so we may say that it is our healthier wrist partner. It is also dust and crack-resistant and water and sweatproof.


Apple’s home pods are the best smart speakers. Apple launched its home pods with the name home pod mini in blue, orange, and yellow colors. Apple’s home pods mini provides the best quality sound and may be used as a remote for home devices even if the user is not at home. It has an intercom, multi-user support, music handoff, Apple’s TV default speakers, and more other exciting features.


Apple every product is famous for its latest features, quality, reliability, and smart designs in all over the world. Just like in Pakistan Apple’s iPhone pro 13 in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB are demanding more and besides this Apple’s Mac series, and home pods mini sales are also increasing day by day.