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Air wearable is an intelligent face mask that filters contaminants and airborne pollution. Air pop is the world’s first air wearable company founded in 2005 in Shanghai & San Francisco by Chris Hosmer and Jelt Fu.

Air pollution is dangerous for human health and causes various diseases like upper respiratory infection, asthma, heart diseases, and lung cancer. Fresh air contains more oxygen which is essential for the survival of human beings and for a healthy life. Airpop co-founder decided to produce masks after the illness of his newborn and two years old baby with chest infection due to pollution. China and India are the most populated countries which face the problem of air pollution more than other countries. So firstly these two countries were targeted to manufacture the masks for these countries to avoid the effects of pollution and people may inhale fresh and purified air to survive.  Airpop promises to provide clean and purified air with its amazing masks.


Airpop Products Series:

  • Airpop Original.
  • Airpop Light.
  • Airpop Kids.
  • Airpop Active.
  • Airpop Pocket.
  • Airpop Active+ Halo Smart.

Airpop not only designed masks for elders but also focused on the children’s needs and a series produced only for the kids in different colors and designs. Air pop’s all products series have the following features:

  • Ear and face adjustable.
  • Airy and comfortable.
  • Filter inserter.
  • Halo sensor.
  • Airpop App.
  • Feather weighted.
  • Thin, flexible, and hygienic.
  • Dynamic sensing.

Like other populated and pollution-affected countries, Pakistan is also facing the problem of air pollution. Especially after coronavirus and omicron virus, the use of masks is increasing day by day among Pakistani people. Airpop ensures the quality of masks and no compromises on health. Its sales are increasing fastly all over the world. Specially in Pakistan, its Airpop mask n95 and Active plus Halo is the most demanding series.